When Tropico 7 Is Coming Out

this tropical jungle island The franchise has had six seasons and various expansion packs, hinting at the success of the construction, management and political simulations. recent headlines, storm number 6, Released for Windows, macOS, and Linux in March 2019, and for PS4 and Xbox One later that fall. It was also revealed earlier this year that a Nintendo Switch port is coming in the near future.

Similar to previous versions, Sea Island 6 Allows the player to take on the role of El Presidente, the leader of Tropico, a fictional island located in the Caribbean. Players will travel through four eras – Colonial, World War, Cold War and Modern – as they strive to develop their island, care for their people, and try to stop the chaos. comprehensive as a rebellion led by the people. sim city Mixed with communism.

In spite of Sea island 6 With fans still in their memories, there has been a lot of speculation about when the sequel will be released and how it will improve on the previous one. Unfortunately, as of now, nothing has been officially confirmed about the seventh game, including whether or not it is in development. Sea Island 6 It was confirmed in 2017 before its initial release in 2018, but was delayed by a year. Therefore, players will probably have to wait at least a year or two to get Sea Island 7 It has been confirmed that it will indeed launch, but even now it has not been announced.

How long do Tropico 7 fans have to wait

Given the popularity of the sim line and the number of successful installs, it looks like the sim line will continue. Sea island 6 Only launched in March 2019, and this is not a brand that releases new versions every 1-2 years, it seems like players will have to wait a lot of time for new games or even is information about the seventh edition. The real problem with franchises is that they are inconsistent in terms of release time tropical jungle island game, so it’s hard to judge when a new part might arrive.

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For example, sometimes gamers only have to wait 2-3 years tropical jungle island release, but other times, there is a gap of up to 6 years. original tropical jungle island published in 2001, and Island Adventure 2 Released shortly after in 2003. But fans had to wait 6 years after that tropical 3 Released in 2009. The fourth game was released just 2 years later in 2011, while tropical jungle island 5 released 3 years later in 2013. After that, players have to wait another 5 years to see Sea Island 5 in 2019. Obviously, tropical jungle island Inconsistent versions. While it is believed that a new game can be released in the next year or two, in reality players may have to wait 5-6 years.

So while it seems possible Sea Island 7 It will eventually come to fruition, especially given the success of the previous installments and it’s unclear exactly how long fans will have to wait.

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