ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD APK (Unlimited money, God mode) 1.58.1


  • V1: Unlimited money.
  • V2: Divine mode.
  • V3 . menu mode
  1. .Unlimited Currency/Items (unlimited everything)
  2. Godmode (player cannot be hit by anything)
  3. kill 1 shot
  4. many arguments
  5. the fire is raging
  6. No shock
  7. No grenade cooldown
  8. Grenades maximum damage
  9. maximum radius of grenade
  10. drone mode
  11. Drones kill in one hit
  12. Fast Firing Drones
  13. NPC’s attitude
  14. NPCs are 10 times faster

Are you looking for an attractive zombie shooting game? Confused about the many options for this type of game? ZOMBIE HUNTER will bring you a great choice. With sharp 3D graphics and attractive gameplay, the game will bring you a very interesting entertainment experience. You will have the opportunity to transform into a genius hunter. You will take up your weapons and fight against the epidemic that is slowly wiping out life. Protect the survivors of the human disaster and try to survive in a chaotic world. Use your powerful guns to destroy fearsome creatures. Aim and shoot is something you need to master to survive.

ZOMBIE HUNTER is a zombie shooting game from VNG Game Studio. VNG Game Studio is a very famous game developer with a series of popular zombie games such as Dead Target, Sniper Zombie, Mad Zombies or Dead Warfare. ZOMBIE HUNTER is set in the midst of a series of pandemics raging across the globe. The new virus can kill people and turn them into ferocious zombies. Your goal is to survive hordes of zombies that are extremely aggressive and can infect you and your allies with deadly viruses. You will be able to rebuild a more beautiful world than ever before.

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Download ZOMBIE HUNTER mod – Become a super hunter

ZOMBIE HUNTER gives you the ultimate shooter experience. Very attractive game play with many challenging missions. You have to complete campaigns like killing zombies or protecting civilians. You can also build a base, which can help you survive and rebuild a peaceful life. Build a base so you can produce food, metal, or raw materials to survive the pandemic. A long war always needs a solid rear. Grow your base into an impenetrable place. You won’t be able to fight on an empty stomach.

ZOMBIE hunter free mod

Brave fighting style

Starting the game, you will transform into a professional zombie hunter with weapons. Your job is to shoot down all the zombies you see, don’t hesitate to kill them, they don’t intend to forgive you. You must eliminate and stop the undead to prevent them from infecting others. Just a light scratch zombie, humans will turn into zombies and attack people around. So in a short period of time, the whole world was swallowed up by zombies. Survivors gather together and build bases. Survive and fight together to help Earth regain hope.


Attractive rewards

As a warrior, weapons are indispensable for me. After each mission or campaign, you will receive various rewards. ZOMBIE HUNTER offers you many great bonuses to choose from. A dedicated sniper or a powerful shotgun are good options. There are also loads of powerful weapons and equipment that can help you survive the game more easily. Equipment can also be obtained through base building. Quests will give you EXP to level up your character. After each battle, you will accumulate more experience and become stronger.

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zombie hunter mod apk

Various weapons and cool characters

Weapons in ZOMBIE HUNTER are designed based on reality. Many types of guns in the world war give you the feeling of living in wartime. The collection also includes a variety of modern guns. Weapons are very well designed and you can also decorate your weapons. ZOMBIE HUNTER allows you to upgrade your weapons and equipment for easier combat. In the game store, you can transform into many characters. The characters are also very diverse in appearance and fighting style. Each character will give you different stats and abilities.

android zombie hunter mod

ZOMBIE HUNTER is an offline game that you can play anytime. Has sharp graphics but does not require much configuration. You only need 138 MB to hunt zombies anytime, anywhere. Weapons and characters are updated regularly for a new feel. The game runs stably on most mobile devices. Download the ZOMBIE HUNTER mod and save the world from a deadly epidemic. ZOMBIE HUNTER is where you show off your survivability, top-notch shooting skills, and mastery of your base. Your decisions will give hope to the miserable people in this zombie-infested world.

Download ZOMBIE HUNTER MOD APK (Unlimited Money, God Mode) for Android

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