Soul Land Advent of the Gods MOD APK (Menu, God mode/Onehit) 1.3.2

The road to godhood has never been smooth sailing, and this is deeply expressed in “Advent of the Gods”. Inspired by the famous Chinese novel Spirited Land. Now, all the characters and worlds you dreamed of will appear. The magical world in the Land of Souls will always be the wish of any viewer. Sometimes I want to be the main character and overcome difficulties to become a god. The spirit land of the gods descends to help you achieve this. Play as the protagonist of your favorite character. Battle spirits and dark forces to prove your strength.

The plot about the appearance of the gods in the spirit realm is intertwined with many elements of Eastern mythology. More specifically, gods and legends from Chinese history. These details are described very beautifully in the work of Spirited Land from miniature snowmen, to comic books, cartoons. Since then, “Gods Come” has been created by combining several episodes of the three works. It can be said that this is the version of Soul Kingdom with the author’s logo and spirit the most. Help those with a long-term focus see what they expect.

Download Land of Souls Where Gods Come – Real Soul Hunter Experience

Land of the Souls of Gods mainly focuses on card battles and real-time elements. The fight revolves around the main character and his teammates with the power of spirits and evil gods. When summoning cards, you will have the opportunity to obtain many characters of different levels. This game does not have a VIP system and supports players to deposit. So even if you play for free, you have a very high chance of owning an SSR character. 3D graphics with top notch effects and sounds is what makes the game so famous. There are a lot of mechanics you need to get familiar with first so you don’t get surprised when fighting.

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apk mod the spirit land where the gods descended

Characters come out of novels

You may have seen all the characters before. You can clearly understand the shape and personality through the manga and anime versions. You will get to know all the characters when playing Soul Land From Gods. Anyone who sees it can immediately tell who it is. Both are soul hunters, both powerful gods. When calling them, consider the role of adding them to your team. The weapon systems they use will be significantly different. Level up to increase their stats and equip them with epic weapons. Evolution also changes the appearance and extremely eye-catching costumes.

Land of Souls Gods Descend mod apk free

big open world

The game also recreates many famous locations, based on many of its predecessors. You will never forget the image of Star Dou Forest. Duskwood in the main event. The eyes of ice and fire always give people a feeling of excitement and nostalgia. All of these will be added to the game as actual locations. And characters from that particular land. They may or may not be part of your plot. Sometimes they will give you side quests with attractive gifts. Don’t miss any part of the story to fully enjoy the game. There will be many details that will surprise you.

Fascinating real-time battlefield

Fighting is always what players look forward to the most. After discovering everything about the character and the land, now is a great time to learn about combat. In battles, the characters will gather together. But they never stand still. Instead, the character will freely move in any position. Fight with tons of monsters and souls. Each battle can carry up to 4 to 5 characters. Some characters also have a combination of skills and powers. I memorized it and used it; It will be very effective in combat.

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Land of Souls free mod from the gods

Once again, the spirit world has become a legend in the hearts of fans. Collect the most familiar characters and fight them. Overcome all difficulties to become a real god. All of that will be fully and deeply conveyed in the Gods Come to Soul Land mod. You can enjoy any work, especially the game version that inherits the spirit of the first three works.

Download Soul Land Gods Come MOD APK for Android (Menu, God Mode/Onehit)

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