What’s the Tiktok’s ‘bone smashing’ trend asking people to smash their faces

Some TikTokers try to alter their facial features by breaking bones with hammers, bottles, or other blunt objects. They call it “bone breaking” and think it can make their bones stronger and more attractive. They base this on Wolff’s Law, which states that bones can adapt to physical stress and reshape themselves.

Broken bones can cause serious damage, pain and deformity. (TikTok)

However, this is a very wrong and harmful idea. Wolff’s Law does not mean that you can break your bones and expect them to heal the way you want them to. Bones are not like clay that you can shape with your hands. Broken bones can cause serious damage, pain and deformity. You could end up with a face that looks worse than before.

There is no evidence that breaking bones works or is safe. It is not a permanent transformation, but a potential disaster. You shouldn’t treat your face like a statue that you can carve with a hammer. You should respect and love your body and avoid hurting yourself for the sake of beauty.

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Some people justify the practice of breaking bones by citing Wolff’s Law. Wolff’s Law was formulated by a German anatomist and surgeon named Julius Wolff in the 1800s. Wolff’s law is based on the observation that bones are not static structures, but dynamic structures that are constantly reshaped. Old or damaged bone is resorbed and replaced by new bone.

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Applying mechanical force or physical stress to bone can stimulate remodeling, leading to the development of stronger, denser bones. In contrast, a lack of such stress can result in thinner and weaker bones. Therefore, engaging in physical activity, especially weight training, can support bone strength and reduce the risk of bone weakening.

There is a significant difference between the mechanical force exerted on bone by regular activities such as walking or lifting weights and the force generated by a blunt impact.

The latter can cause some really nasty fractures, and no one usually says, “The good news is that I broke bones.”

Bones can heal after a fracture, but they don’t always heal in the right way and in the correct configuration. You’re not a fucking ice sculpture. You can’t simply sculpt your facial appearance by using a hammer to break your facial bones, which can lead to deformation, potentially leaving your face in worse shape than before, regardless of your initial dissatisfaction with its appearance.

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The article concludes by warning people not to fall for the flippant claim that breaking bones can give them a more “sculpted” appearance. He says there’s no evidence that breaking the bones of your face will be a resounding success—unless, of course, your goal is to cause pain and really damage your face. She advises people to respect their bodies and avoid harming themselves for the sake of beauty. He suggests that there are better ways to improve your self-confidence and appearance than breaking your own bones.

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Your face is not just bones; it has soft tissues, connective tissues and eyeballs that could be irreparably damaged if hit with a blunt object, leading to bleeding and risk of infection. Additionally, Wolff’s law oversimplifies bone strength; factors such as diet and hormones are important. Putting weights on your face is a terrible idea. If you’re unhappy with your appearance, there are better ways to deal with it than to cause damage and irreparable damage.

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