Peacemaker Has Forgotten To Answer One Major Mystery

Warning: Contains spoilers peacemaker Episode 7.

exist peacemaker In Episode 7, the Judo Master returns again, but his identity, plans, and connection to the Butterfly Team have become a mystery that has not only not been fully answered in the DCEU TV series. A character’s motivations can sometimes be surmised by looking at their comic book origins. However, this does not work for Judo masters. Judomaster is a name used by a series of DC heroes at different times. peacemaker “Judo Master” doesn’t appear to be a direct adaptation of these characters or their narratives.

Judo Master (Nhut Le) first appeared in peacemaker In the third episode, “Goff Dies Better”, he serves as a bodyguard for the Goff Butterfly Family, whose leader Roylan Goff Butterfly is later revealed to be. The Judo Master is captured and escapes, but when he tries to explain that the Butterfly Society is not who they think, he is killed by the Peacemaker (John Cena) and Leotta Adebayo (Danielle Brooks). Recaptured. peacemaker Episode seven casually admits that he ran away again, and then after Moon (Chukwudi Iwuji) died, he stole a car and attacked Leotta and Harcourt (Jennifer Howe) at a motel. Rand).

While Hakuryuu (Robert Patrick) has a clear motive for wanting to kill the Peacemaker, and Team Butterfly’s larger plan for world domination is explored, there’s no explanation of what drives the Judo Master. He is clearly not a butterfly himself, as he sees the butterfly as a different person than himself, and while he exhibits peak human abilities, he does not appear to be a superhuman being in the same way that a butterfly-possessed human would. While it’s possible that he was simply hired by Butterfly, if he was just a mercenary it wouldn’t make sense that he wouldn’t transform into Butterfly himself, as Butterfly could easily control him and gain access to his powers and powers. His memory.

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What makes a judo master peacemaker What’s even weirder is that when he escapes a second time, he doesn’t seem to be working for them anymore. While he attacked Harcourt and Leotta at the motel, which may have helped Butterfly in the long run, if he was still working directly with them, he would have arrived with Butterfly from the police station. The distance between them is emphasized by the fact that the Judo Master doesn’t seem to be trying to reunite with the butterfly, as the butterfly inside Detective Song (Annie Chang) is the same butterfly that was inside Goff when the Judo Master was working as a bodyguard.

One possible explanation for the Judo Master’s strange behavior is that the Judo Master is secretly working for Amanda Waller (Viola Davis). Waller always seems to have secret contingency plans in place and is not above using one of her agents to ensure that another group of agents doesn’t disrupt her final plans.However, because there is so little information about the judo master, his peacemaker At this point, the motivation is purely trivial. The judo master apparently didn’t like being captured and shot, so he might just be trying to get revenge on his enemies. peacemaker The ARGUS team at this time.

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