Introducing the latest TikTok sensation known as the “Marshmallow Game”. This hilarious challenge has taken the platform by storm and is perfect for a group of friends or family looking for a good laugh. But what are the rules of the TikTok Marshmallow game? Read on to discover how it plays.

The TikTok Marshmallow game involves players trying to say phrases without missing a number or getting confused, and it’s surprisingly more complicated than it sounds.

The viral TikTok Marshmallow Game is all about having a good time and testing your focus and composure as you tackle a repetitive and often absurd task. It’s a light, enjoyable social activity that can bring loads of laughs to your group. And, of course, you can capture the comedic moments and share them on TikTok to join the trend!

About the TikTok Marshmallow game

The Marshmallow Game trend burst onto the TikTok scene in mid-September, thanks to the influence of Marianne Infant, a TikTok enthusiast from New Zealand. Although she wasn’t the creator of the game, her viral video of her and a friend playing the game sparked a huge challenge.

@haileyra I SWEAR IT’S HARDER THAN IT LOOKS #korean #siblings #marshmallowgame ♬ original sound – Hailey Ra

Here’s how to immerse yourself in the Marshmallow game:

What do you need:

  • The game requires two or more participants.
  • The game revolves around repeating three specific phrases: “marshmallow”, “check it out” and “woo”.

Goal of the TikTok Marshmallow game:

  • Your goal is to count as many as possible while taking turns within the group to say these phrases over and over.
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TikTok is an ever-evolving platform, which makes it imperative to keep up with trends as they emerge. Missing out on the fun is the last thing you want to do, especially with a trend as fun as this one.


Probably the longest roll I’ve ever made. What Tatum and I do in our locker room between shots 😂 How long does it take to get to “5 Marshmallow”! Edit: We didn’t know we’d start a trend playing fun drama games 😂♬ original sound – Marianne Infante

Over the past six days, an increasing number of users have been sharing their attempts to master the Marshmallow game. The hashtag #marshmallowgame has already garnered more than 9.7 million views and is expected to gain even more attention in the coming days.

TikTok Marshmallow Game Rules

You need a minimum of two players to participate. The game involves players taking turns singing the phrases: “1 Marshmallow,” “Check it Out,” and “Woo!” in that precise order. As you progress, the number increases, and each phrase must be repeated that many times.

For example, when you count to 2, you would say “2 Marshmallow” twice, followed by “2 Check it Out” and “2 Woo!” Sounds easy, right? However, the challenge is to continue without making a mistake.

Most TikTok users are currently pushing their limits, often stopping at the figure of 5, while some dare to go as high as 7. The number of attempts it takes to reach such heights is best not counted.

In the TikTok Marshmallow game, participants create a rhythmic string of words that builds progressively. It is an enjoyable group activity that challenges memory and coordination. The game begins with the following phrases:

  1. Person 1: “One marshmallow.”
  2. Person 2: “Check.”
  3. Person 3: “Wow.”
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After this initial sequence of the TikTok Marshmallow game, you add numbers and repeat phrases based on the number:

  1. Person 1: “Two marshmallows.”
  2. Person 2: “Two marshmallows.”
  3. Person 3: “Check.”
  4. Person 1: “Check.”
  5. Person 2: “Wow.”
  6. Person 3: “Wow.”

The pattern continues, increasing in number and repeating phrases accordingly:

  1. “Three marshmallows.”
  2. “Three marshmallows.”
  3. “Three marshmallows.”
  4. “Check it out.”
  5. “Check it out.”
  6. “Check it out.”
  7. “Woof.”
  8. “Woof.”
  9. “Woof.”

As the sequence of the TikTok Marshmallow game grows, it becomes more and more challenging, testing everyone’s memory and rhythm. The STikTok Marshmallow Game is perfect for group gatherings or as an ice breaker activity for fun and engagement. Enjoy playing!

So, gather your friends and try the Marshmallow Game. See how far you can go without tripping, and you’re guaranteed a good laugh and the potential for a viral TikTok video.

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