Utah, Get Me Two!: 10 Behind-The-Scenes Facts About Point Break (1991)

Kathryn Bigelow’s sharp direction and Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze’s tangible on-screen chemistry Stop point One of the most beloved cult classics in the action genre. This is the movie that turned Reeves into an action star after years of teen comedy and art-house movies, so it’s basically something fans of the genre should be grateful for. because John wick Franchising.

It was such a huge box office success that it remained Bigelow’s highest-grossing film for more than two decades, eventually being surpassed by the director’s geopolitical thriller. not even thirty. There are some fascinating stories in the making of the film.

The producers of Point Break came up with the idea while daydreaming on the beach

Producer Rick King came up with the idea Stop point And he was sitting on the beach doing nothing, daydreaming. He was thinking of an article the Los Angeles weekly had given him saying that Los Angeles was the looting capital of America.

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As he pondered over the essay, he thought of the story of an undercover FBI agent who joined a group of surfers who robbed a bank for the thrill.

The movie was originally called Johnny Utah, then Riders On The Storm

Keanu Reeves is attacked by surfers in Point Break

when keanu reeves first appeared Stop pointit’s not called Stop point. it is known johnny utah following his character, but the studio worried that didn’t mean the movie was about surfing.

So the manufacturers came up with Driving the storm, after the classic song Doors, but the studio also vetoed it, arguing that the lyrics had nothing to do with the plot. Final, Stop point It was chosen midway through filming because it involved surfing.

Patrick Swayze is already an experienced skydiver and has done 55 jumps in the movie

Utah and Bodhi go to Point Break to skydive.

Patrick Swayze initially auditioned for the role of Johnny Utah before being cast as Bodhi. The actor was originally an avid skydiver, but the producers wanted him to stop skydiving during filming for safety. They negotiated this by allowing him to skydive for the film. In the end, he did 55 jumps for the movie.

He still participated in skydiving throughout the filming without the producer knowing. Gary Busey said Swayze loved skydiving so much that he convinced him to join after filming was over.

Katherine Bigelow and James Cameron did a lot of work on the final script even though they weren’t acknowledged

Former President from Point Break.

Even though the scenario is Stop point Credit goes entirely to W. Peter Iliff, with much of the final script being written by then-director Kathryn Bigelow and executive producer James Cameron.

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Ridley Scott is always the first choice of directors Stop point, but after dropping out, Bigelow signed up. Bigelow and Cameron’s major contributions to the Elif script include smoothing the plot.

The pitbull dog fighting scene is carefully divided between real and fake dogs

Johnny points his gun in Point Break

One of the hardest scenes on set was when Bodhi threw a pitbull at Utah, who kicked it away. The editor carefully switches between real and fake dogs.

After rigorous preparation for action, the real dog was gently thrown at Keanu Reeves by the trainer from a distance of more than a foot. The ground below is padded to make injury nearly impossible. For obvious reasons, a fake dog was used when Utah kicked it.

Keanu Reeves researched the real FBI agent before playing Johnny Utah

Breakthrough Point Keanu Reeves

To prepare for the role of Johnny Utah, Keanu Reeves researched real FBI agents. He also trained as a quarterback coach at UCLA before filming football scenes, as Utah would have the opportunity to develop a career in the NFL.

This character detail reflects Reeves’ real life reality. Utah’s budding soccer career was cut short by a knee injury, as was Reeves’ budding hockey career.

Studio cancels 1993 sequel plan

Gary Busey Point Break Gun

front Stop point Following its release, 20th Century Fox planned to release a sequel in the summer of 1993. The script was written and the film was in pre-production.

However, after the film grossed a respectable but meager $90 million, the studio decided to cancel the sequel.

Patrick Swayze did a lot of his own stunts while windsurfing


Patrick Swayze refuses to use a stuntman in many of his surf scenes because he didn’t use stunts for car chases or fight scenes in previous films. Stop pointIn the end, he broke four ribs while filming the surf scene.

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However, Swayze really needs replacements for more technically difficult situations, such as the last 50-year hurricane sequence. For these scenes, he teamed up with famous big wave surfer Darrick Doerner.

Katherine Bigelow turned down directing this movie without Keanu Reeves as Utah

Keanu Reeves aiming his gun close-up in Point Break

Kathryn Bigelow was so convinced that Keanu Reeves was the perfect man to play Johnny Utah that she refused to make the movie without him.

The studio didn’t want Reeves for the role, instead eyeing a big-name star like Johnny Depp. Ironically, Stop point Make Reeves an even bigger star.

Matthew Broderick and Willem Dafoe weigh in for Johnny Utah


Matthew Broderick was originally cast as Johnny Utah, with producers considering Willem Dafoe, Johnny Depp, Val Kilmer and Charlie before Keanu Reeves took the role. · pungent.

how is michael? destroyer And alien (and close collaborators Stop pointExecutive producer James Cameron said in an interview that he was in talks to play Bodhi, but those talks fell through.

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