Rick & Morty’s Parasite Secret Makes Jerry & Sleepy Gary Even More Tragic

exist rick and the dead In season 2, episode 4, “Total Rickall”, the Smith family is attacked by a horde of psychic parasites, one of which becomes Jerry’s dream companion, the sleepy Gary. The fictional life the parasite creates for Jerry and Gary leads to the two falling in love, even though Jerry thinks Sleepy Gary is married to Beth. Throughout the episode, Jerry grows more and more in love with sleepy Gary, even wanting to die after discovering that Gary is a parasite. While the whole situation was just a joke, a partner rick and the dead The comic proves their love is genuine and makes their story even more tragic.

exist Rick and Morty’s Gift: Sleepy Gary #1 Written by Magdalene Visaggio and CJ Cannon, Rick brings Sleepy Gary back to life to study the biology and brain function of the parasites in an attempt to get away from their effects. When Gary woke up, all the false memories he had planted in Smiths mind came back to him, he believed himself to be Beth’s husband but Jerry’s lover, so he rushed out of Rick’s lab. to find Jerry. After he does, the two escape together after the parasite uses his superpowers to trick people into believing he’s always been a part of their lives.

After a sleepy Gary arrives at Jerry’s office and convinces him to escape with him to an established alien settlement on Mars, the two share life on the red planet. That is, until Rick and Morty blow up a wall to get to their new home. The two were able to escape again, but this time Morty wondered why the parasite was roaming freely around the world and even the universe, and instead of infecting everyone and creating many parasites. more parasites, he chose to continue to run away with his father. Rick replied, “He told the world he loved your dad Morty. You do math.Essentially, the more parasites spread an idea, the more they themselves begin to believe in the sensation they are creating until that false feeling becomes reality.

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Sleepy Gary proves his true love for Jerry after Rick finally stops him for good. Rick and Morty catch up with Gary and Jerry before they get too far from their home on Mars, and Rick nearly kills the sleepy Gary. Sleepy Gary implanted the last memory in Jerry’s mind during his dying breath, making it appear that Gary kidnapped him and sent him to Mars against his will. The parasite does this to free Jerry from the guilt he may have felt about his own death, and as a way to make it easier for Jerry to return to a normal life.

By making Jerry forget that the two of them were once in love, a feeling the Parasite had completely fabricated from the start, Sleepy Gary proves that he really loves Jerry and this is more than just a ruse to create more Parasites. in fact, the events of this comic prove that if Sleepy Gary survives the parasite removal that occurs at the end rick and the dead: “Total Rickall”, where he and Jerry can live happily together without worrying about parasites spreading around the world. Sleepy Gary convinces himself that he loves Jerry while convincing Jerry that the two of them always being in love is a secret side effect of the parasite’s superpowers, making their story even more tragic than with Sleepy Gary’s first time rick and the dead episode.

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