Who Is Kory Keefer From “Winter House” Season 2?

Winter House Season 2 is out this Thursday, and Bravo’s stars are eagerly anticipating it. The stars of the reality TV series Summer House and Southern Charm, as well as some friends, will join the show during a two-week vacation in Vermont. Kory Keefer, Craig Conover’s college classmate, was one of the first to join the series.

According to the program’s press release:

“The movie heats up when the temperature drops! During a two-week vacation in Stowe, Vermont, some of Bravo’s famous actors from “Summer House” and “Southern Charm” and their friends will be taking a winter break. When this raucous gang embarks on an incredible adventure filled with hot tub relationships and ice-cold jokes, the six-episode series has reached new heights. “

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Meet Craig’s college classmate Kory Keefer before Winter House Season 2.

Kory and Craig were college friends from the same fraternity, Kappa Sigma, at the University of Charleston. He was previously born in Maryland and raised in South Carolina, where he currently runs a gym. Craig described their relationship in his book Pillow Talk as “same person, just different body”.

When Craig was cast in Southern Charm, he expected Kory to join him, but his friend was not selected and both failed. However, they were later reunited, not long before the Winter House. Everything changes when Kory joins the gang. Singles wanting to have fun on the show are sure to cause some controversy. He says in the series’ trailer that he intends to go after all the women in the Winter House. He was spotted flirting with other newbies, including Jessica Stocker. In his confession in the trailer, he said:

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“The females in the house don’t know, but I’m hunting all of them at the moment.”

According to Kyle Cook, Kory’s entry into the Winter House “means trouble”, as Craig was someone he respected until the latter met Paige, after which his reputation ceased to stand out. According to his Bravo profile, he is “a true adrenaline junkie and a pro gym owner.” It was said that he was going to the show to meet the ladies and hang out with Craig. It continues:

“It won’t be long before Kory becomes the focal point of the house and cares for more than one housemate, but can he give his attention to just one?”

Kory Keefer

Jessica Stocker, Rachel Clark, Craig Conover, Kyle Cook, Amanda Batula, Jason Cameron, Tom Sandavol, Tom Schwartz, Austen Kroll, Ciara Miller, Luke Gulbranson and Paige Desorbo are newcomers to the Winter House. Craig and Paige, who have just made their love public, are going on their first trip and living together for the first time. They fell in love from a distance until Paige decided to leave New York for Charleston to be closer to her lover. In the teaser, she says that she has never lived with a man before and it scares her.

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