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Wolf is a wild game with animals in the vast jungle. Players are here to experience extreme gameplay and environmental conditions. You are not a hunter with a gun or any other weapon looking for food. Players will play as a wolf hunting for prey to fill its hungry stomach with food. You’ve probably read a lot about wolves, and GameDVA thinks you already know the basics of this animal. Wolf lets you play the role of wolves and hunt down other animals, turning them into delicious prey. However, having a good meal is not easy.

The wolf is a symbol of many good qualities, such as unity and strength. They often move in herds and forage in the wild. It’s hard to survive once you see what they’re aiming for. But at The Wolf, you didn’t support your teammates like I said. Even if you are alone, you will have the opportunity to gain survival skills in the animal kingdom. Looney Tunes™ World of Mayhem also immerses players in adorable animals and battles. In addition, Swordigo and exciting adventures that you should try.

Download The Wolf mod – become the wolf leader in the forest

Wolves are powerful animals, but that doesn’t mean every hunt is easy for them. Of course, they won’t sit idly by when in danger. Players will even be violently attacked when encountering a swarm of prey. Wolves are like a war between wild animals. You play as a wolf, running around to hunt. Every possible effort has been made so that the image of the wolf does not conflict with its brand identity. Players are free to do whatever they like in the forest to keep it alive. No one can survive without food, the life of another animal has to be ended.

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watch out for other animals

When encountering wild boar, rabbit, deer, perhaps fighting with these animals is not too difficult for you. It doesn’t take long for players to list them on one of their menus. But in fact, there are many more powerful and dangerous animals than wolves. Their meals are easy to make if you’re not paying attention. For example, encountering a lion or a tiger, if there is a fight, the wolf’s victory rate will be much lower. So remember, you are not the owner of this forest. There are always other animals that are starving like you, but with greater strength.

wolf upgrade

Wolf’s level increases with each target conquered. But if that’s not enough, you also need to upgrade other stats such as health, attack, defense and speed. Judging from the data just now, the Wolves will be the strongest. Players can make their animals stronger than tigers and lions if they want. In addition, there are 3 types of fighting skills for wolves: Basic, Aura and Special. Players can intervene to create their own attacks.

wolf mod apk

custom wolf

Give the character a new look, what style do you want Wolfe to have. Aggressive or aggressive appearance. The wolf skin system has a lot of choices for players. You have many ideas to have a good look according to your own eyes.

play with friends

Wolves allows players to link up with other players. Teaming up with them and uniting to rule the forest had become one of Wolfe’s virtues. Wolf allows you to create your own team to play together. Don’t forget to stay in touch with your friends so you can get help when you need it. In this wild forest, anything is possible. It’s better if you have a few friends.

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In short, your job in The Wolf is to feed it. But life gets harder when the hunt isn’t always in your favor. If the player loses too much, they can become food for another animal. Become a mighty wolf and gradually find a way to dominate the forest. Download The Wolf mod and transform into a hungry wolf and become a terror to other animals.

Download The Wolf MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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