10 Classic Horror Movie Memes That Perfectly Sum Up The Plot

new horror movie black phone is the latest release to introduce a new film to the disturbingly entertaining horror series.

While dozens of horror movies are released each year, few of them can compare to the greats that preceded them. The popularity of these horror classics has only increased over the years, growing a huge following. It is this popularity that has inspired a lot of memes based on these popular movies. These memes represent the plots of these ten classic horror movies.


Source: Reddit

The ’90s film has been hailed as one of the most influential killer films to date, with a four-part sequel and a series based on the original concept. scream Also contains some of the best known screams from horror movies.

This meme from Reddit depicts this horror movie’s deep relevance to some popular classic horror movies. MentalThe premise behind the film’s plot is that the killer can get away with claiming to be influenced by pop culture thrillers.

Nightmare on elm street

A meme about Freddy in A Nightmare on Elm Street.

Source: Reddit

there are some movies in it Nightmare on elm street franchise, but the original film introduced Freddy Krueger’s nightmares.

Written and directed by horror legend Wes Craven, the film tells the terrifying story of a man who seeks revenge against children who were burned alive by their parents by attacking them in their sleep. This meme from Reddit captures the plot perfectly, conveying the concept that Freddy can harm these teens while they’re dreaming.

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Texas chainsaw massacre

Texas Chainsaw Masscre Skins Meme.

Source: DeviantArt

When Sally and Franklin return home to investigate the destruction of their grandfather’s grave, they discover a murderous family living next door and a deranged lunatic wearing a human skin mask and wielding a chainsaw.

Inspired by murderer and grave thief Ed Gein, Leatherface has been reimagined many times since the ’70s classic. However, every movie based on this original book has an edge. similar. The plot of the film revolves around a group of young men trying to escape from Leatherface’s chainsaw, and he chases them with the faces of others. This meme from DeviantArt depicts Leatherface’s most unsettling features and the film’s scariest parts.


Memes about Halloween Michael Myers.

Source: imgflip

halloween started a series that would spawn several highly successful sequels, all based on the original story of Terror Falls. In this ’70s thriller, a silent and deadly killer returns home after escaping from an asylum to terrorize some nannies on a Halloween night.

While the original film provides a bit of a plot for Michael Myers, Dr. Loomis helps the police department hunt down the psychopathic killer and tries every step of the way to convince them that he is a monster who wants nothing more. is murder, Like this meme from imgflip.


Misery's backstory meme.

Source: iFunny

Misery is a psychological thriller film based on the novel of the same name by Stephen King. In this film, a famous author is rescued after a horrific car accident, only to discover that the person saving him is a violent horror fan.

This meme from iFunny perfectly captures Annie Wilkes’ personality and the movie plot. When Annie learns that Sheldon killed her beloved character in his book, she captures and tortures him, while forcing him to rewrite his final novel. As terrifying as Annie is, she remains one of the most impressive villains in classic horror movies.

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rosemary baby

Rosemary's baby meme.

Source: Reddit

The classic is as relevant and terrifying as ever in the horror movie world. The film is about a young woman who begins to experience strange things during her pregnancy, only to discover that her friendly neighbors are all Satanists.

This meme, shared on Reddit, captures the plot of the movie in a fun, hilarious way. While motherhood is a challenge for any parent, this meme reminds fans of the iconic ending. rosemary babyThe mother realizes that she has brought a demon into the world.

Friday the 13th

A meme about Jason's immortality on Friday the 13th.

Source: my.me

Although it is not one of the highest rated, Friday the 13th is one of the major horror movie franchises. While it’s not a well-known classic, there are several films in the series that are fan-favorite and have a large following. While Jason Vorhees is the main villain in most of the movies, his mother, Vorhees, is the original killer.

However, Jason followed in his mother’s footsteps. This meme describes a common theme in each episode Friday the 13th Franchising. No matter how many times the teenagers in the camp try to kill Jason, as this me.me depicts, his immortal nature keeps him coming back.


A meme about Norman Bates' obsession with his mother.

Source: DeviantArt

Alfred Hitchcock’s Classics Mental Still one of the scariest psychological thrillers to date. In a remote inn, Norman Bates, a taxonomist by day and murderer by night, listens to his late mother.

This DeviantArt meme perfectly sums up Norman Bates and the film’s psychological focus. Though made in 1960, it captures the dangerous nature and horrifying murders of a killer possessed by his own demons.

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evil death

A meme about the Evil Dead book.

Source: Reddit

Despite being a low-budget film, this horror classic still terrifies audiences to this day with its demonic possessions and otherworldly events. In this movie, a group of college students go on vacation to a secluded chalet in the woods.

This meme from Reddit represents the Book of the Dead they found in the cellar of the cottage. Although the book is made of human flesh and covered in blood, the team thought it would be a good idea to play a tape found with the book, in which an archaeologist recites a spell to revive an ancient evil. If only they had considered the contents of the book from the beginning, they could have avoided all the horrors that followed.


A meme about Jack going crazy in The Shining.

source: Twitter

In this classic 1980 film starring Jack Nicholson, a man and his family move into a remote, desolate hotel. After spending some time in this strange place, they start experiencing disturbing things and Jack starts going crazy.

This meme from Twitter perfectly portrays protagonist Jack as he reaches the point of madness. The plot of course focuses on the paranormal things they encounter at the motel, but the scariest aspect of the film is when Jack loses his mind and attacks his family.

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