Valheim: How To Get Obsidian

*March 13, 2023: Updated for Xbox release to include more related information and links to related tutorials.

As players explore a vast, procedurally generated world walheim And begin to encounter new resources and stronger enemies who will need stronger and more durable weapons and tools. Some more powerful items, such as iron swords or bronze axes, can be crafted from metal. However, some items, including most of the best arrows out there, require a different material to craft: bottle caps. Obsidian is a solid rock, and to mine it, players need to wait until they find iron.

Due to its power, only an iron pickaxe or better can help the player mine obsidian, so the player needs to wait until late game to mine it. Obsidian is also very rare in nature walheim And only in mountain biomes. However, it is very noticeable because the dark rock contrasts nicely with the white snow. Obsidian is used to craft Frost Arrows, Obsidian Arrows, and Poison Arrows. Here’s how to find, mine, and use Obsidian in Valheim.

How to Mine Obsidian in Valheim

Players need to make some preparations before going to Obsidian. The player needs to build the smelter, brazier, and smithy first. Smelters will help turn metal ores (including scrap) into pure iron ingots that can be used for crafting. Coal furnaces produce coal, which is needed to operate smelters and forges. Forge will allow players to use metal for crafting.

The next player needs to collect iron. They need to defeat the second boss and get the swamp key, then go to the swamp biome and use the key to enter the sunken catacombs. In these dungeons, players will find scrap iron in slimy scraps and chests. Players need to melt scrap iron and use iron to craft pickaxes.

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Since the items the player can craft with obsidian require an upgraded workbench, the player will need to remember to craft some special buildings to place near the workbench and upgrade it to level 3 or higher. . The buildings available to the player include Chopping Block, Sunbathing Rack, Adze, and Tool Rack.

Ultimately, players will want to make sure they have enough supplies to survive in the mountains. mountain biomes walheim It was a frozen tundra, and the cold could easily freeze gullible players to death. To avoid this, players need to build a campfire path that they can return to to warm up, or they need to stock up on Frost Resistant Grasslands, which require a Fermenter to craft. Finally, players will be able to mine silver and craft Wolf Armor, one of the most powerful armor sets in the game. The suit’s cape will help the player’s character not freeze to death in cold environments.

Uses of Obsidian in ValheimA player standing in front of the smelter at the Valheim base

The three types of arrows that the player can craft from obsidian don’t require much, but each recipe can only craft about 20 arrows at a time. Reserve as many players as possible.

The recipe for making each dish from obsidian is as follows:

  • Frost Arrow: 8 Wood, 2 Feather, 4 Obsidian, 1 Frozen Gland
  • Obsidian Arrows: 8 Wood, 2 Feathers, 4 Obsidian
  • Poison Arrow: 8 Wood, 2 Feather, 4 Obsidian, 2 Ooze
  • Tool holder: 4 Iron, 10 Carpentry, 4 Obsidian

Over time, more recipes may require obsidian, so players should make sure to mine this resource regularly and keep any additional resources they have until the next update. according to.

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