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The legendary jailbreak always amazes you. So go to The Escapists and enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience. You will become one of the most notorious criminals in history. Always have bold ideas and express them like no other. Plan extremely clever and dangerous to be able to find your freedom. Nothing can stop your strong will.

Strategy games like escape are always chosen by many people to train their intelligence. Mainly because the gameplay is smartly designed and has depth. Things are done in many ways, and the way it’s done is constantly changing. Classic pixel graphics will make this game unique. A moment of suspense and drama for everyone. Dare to dream, otherwise you will never be able to get out.

Download The Escapists mod – Escape from high security prison

A man who lives in crime and contempt but cannot escape justice and law. A notoriously dangerous prisoner has been transferred to a high security prison. He still yearns to be free and fulfill his dream. You will be the one to help him achieve this with your mind. Apply hundreds of different methods to find your way out of the fortified cell. Use whatever works best for your plan. But be careful because the guards are outside day and night. Even a small mistake can have big consequences.

To avoid being chased, you should not look at the security system. With just a few simple tips, you can get out safely. Can sneak past guards without making a sound. Even attack and kill these guards so they can escape.

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Download the Escapists . mod

Useful tools

Your goals may be crazy, but not impossible. Everything in the prison is used to create an easy escape. When it’s time to eat, everyone is given spoons and forks to eat comfortably. You can secretly use them when the time is right. With the labor classes, you also get a shovel for easy digging. In difficult times, you will find countless effective solutions. Seemingly ordinary things can save your life. The guards can’t believe you’re holding a key or something.

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famous prison

Your levels are divided into six different special themes. It will be designed like six famous prisons in reality. Every time he commits a crime, he will be sent to these places and detained. Each tile will also have its own unique way of escaping. The later, the more difficult the game screen. The jailbreak process can also take longer and be more difficult to do. Continuously deploying a solid and dense security system. It requires you to be very careful not to make fatal mistakes. Must become better and more sensitive to the situation.

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Confidential Transactions

Somehow smugglers can infiltrate such places. This is your chance to work with them and make money for yourself. There are a lot of interesting things about these names that you need to check out. With your savings, you can trade and earn something profitable. The prison is also a place you can go to get interesting items. A toothpaste box, bleach bottle, or power cord can also be useful tools. Prison is like a great underground trading place where you can find everything. In these seemingly boring places, there are many interesting things hidden.

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Getting items is one thing, hiding them is the hardest part. Protection is available to check on you whenever needed. If you are found with something on you, then you must taste the pain. Artfully store them in intricate ways, such as hiding them on your person or in bed. Skillfully defend with many unique tricks. In difficult situations, you will have to think and develop effective strategies. Become an impossible prisoner and always be free in The Escapists mod.

Download The Escapists MOD APK (Unlimited Money) for Android

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