Does Ellie’s Immunity Become A Cure In The Last Of Us Game?

Warning: There are spoilers for The Last of Us!

The Last of Us season 1 left a lot of questions about Ellie’s immunity to the Cordyceps brain infection, with viewers wondering if her blood was the cure-all in the original game. the last survivor The universe initially seemed to believe that Ellie could be used for healing, a storyline that was never resolved. However, when telling a different story Our Last Part 2 This hasn’t been seen in the HBO show yet, and it’s possible that Ellie’s immunity could provide a cure in the sequel.

the last survivor The end of Season 1 is over, concluding the events of the original game. In episode 9 of the HBO show, Joel and Ellie finally arrive at Firefly Hospital, ready for the doctors to turn Ellie’s immunity into a cure. However, Joel soon discovers that Ellie must die to synthesize the antidote. This leads to Joel conducting a bloodbath, killing nearly everyone in the hospital and getting Ellie out before she gets hurt. During this time, Ellie was put under anesthesia and Joel lied to her, explaining that the doctors couldn’t cure her with her immunity.

Ellie’s Immunity Doesn’t Cure The Last Of Us (Nor Anything Else)

Joel kills the doctors before they attempt to synthesize a cure from Ellie’s blood, which means no one knows if a cure is actually possible on the HBO show. the last survivor game, this possibility will never be resolved. Our Last Part 2 Ellie’s treatments are not explored further because she chooses to still believe that Joel is telling the truth. Even after Joel admitted to lying, Ellie didn’t go back to the hospital because her immunity couldn’t be cured.

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Sadly, Ellie’s immunity isn’t the only thing that can’t be cured. from start to finish the last survivor And Our Last Part 2A cure for the brain infection caused by cordyceps has never been found, and no new abilities appear in the sequel. Although the survivors have become better handling the last survivor The zombies are infected, it seems that this monster will last forever, because the only doctor who can cure it has been killed by Joel.

Why The Last Of Us Might Never Reveal The Cordyceps Cure

Infected in The Last of Us

Joel’s Rage the last survivor The end of season 1 showed that there will never be a cure for the brain infection caused by cordyceps. Education isn’t good in the franchise’s post-apocalyptic wasteland, which means it’s hard to find scientists capable of synthesizing a cure. The only real hope is that the scientists and doctors were there before the outbreak, but today their numbers are dwindling. the last survivorDoctor Firefly in the season 1 finale was one of humanity’s few hopes, but sadly, he was killed by Joel.

Another reason that the cordyceps cure will never be made public is that it would ruin the story. the last survivor. maintain a post-apocalyptic wasteland without infection, the last survivor Not much different from the normal world. Revealing a cure would fundamentally change the story, take away from HBO the last survivor Unique.

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