Everything We Know About River Everett From The Family Chantel

River Knight “River” Everett appears in Chantel Homestay at TLC with his sister Chantel Everett, although he has pursued his musical career outside of acting. Riverknight started appearing in fiance 90 days She was known to be Chantel’s protector when she first dated Pedro Jimeno. However, Riverknight also appeared in his own episodes as he rose to fame away from his family.

River Knight appeared next to him Chantel Homestay Over the past few years, the Chantel star has appeared throughout TLC. They feature the younger sister, Winter Everett, while the eldest, Royal Wylie, only appears in Chantel Homestay Part 2 with wife Angelette Wylie. Riverknight’s parents Thomas and Karen Everett also appeared on the show. Although River Knight became friends with Pedro during Pedro’s marriage to Chantel, he sided with his sister when Chantel and Pedro divorced at the end of the story. Chantel Homestay Season 4.

everett river background

Riverknight’s legal name is Riverknight, although he chooses to use his nickname “River” Chantel Homestay. However, he uses his full name in music. River Rider is Everett’s youngest brother. As of January 2023, he will be 25 years old. Riverknight was born on July 9, 1997. Like his siblings, Riverknight is from Atlanta. He lived with his parents for many years but moved out of their home Chantel Homestay Season 4.

Social Life & Dating History Everett River

Riverknight at Chantel Homestay. He is very close to his family and always takes care of his older sister. Little was known about his dating life until Chantel Homestay Season 3. Riverknight began dating an elderly woman named Megan Montenegro who lived a few hours away in Savannah, Georgia. However, Riverknight and his girlfriend Megan broke up because they were in different positions in life. River Knight has not contacted anyone since, although he was photographed with a mysterious woman. However, dating doesn’t seem to be Riverknight’s top priority right now.

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Everett’s career

Riverknight’s main focus is on his musical career. He’s built a reality TV resume through his time fiance 90 days And Chantel Homestay, Riverknight shared that music is his true passion. Riverknight has been recording music for ten years since 2013. In 2022, he released his first music video for the song “Doubted”, featuring some of his hit songs. Chantel Homestay relative. He also did his first music tour. Riverknight released a nine-track album “The Journey” in 2021 and a 16-track album “Below the Surface” in 2020. He continues to share his music news with Chantel Homestay Fans, currently have 180,000 followers on Instagram.

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