10 Most Expensive To Produce Amazon Prime Video Original Series (& How Much They Cost To Make)

The streaming wars continue and intensify as companies pour money into their respective services to produce higher quality content and attract more viewers. While Netflix, one of its biggest competitors, may have the largest market share and the most popular original programming, Amazon Prime Video has the largest streaming library of any service. .

Like most streaming services, Amazon Prime Video tends to be tight-lipped about the production costs and budgets of its shows. Therefore, accurate figures for many series, such as 2020 upload and in 2019 good sign And festival line. While these programs appear to have fairly high budgets on paper, they have been excluded from this list due to the lack of reliable data on their costs.

The Tick (2016) – $5 million per episode

Tick’s name doesn’t seem to come up when talking about the greatest or most famous superheroes. This character has a humble beginning as the mascot of an English comic news bulletin, and until now is still relatively unknown. So it’s surprising to see Amazon spending upwards of $5 million per episode to support such a niche property, not to mention each episode is only half an hour long instead of the typical hour-long format of most shows. current program.

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Good Girls Revolt (2015) — $8 million per episode

Genevieve Angelson, Anna Camp and Erin Darke complain about Good Girls Revolt's post-editing

It’s not uncommon in the industry for dramas to be canceled repeatedly for no reason. No matter how much fans love it, unless the series lives up to the producer’s expectations (which may or may not be of a financial nature), it’s still likely to be cancelled.

2015 good girls uprising, The story of a group of women who fought against sexism in the American press in 1969 is a prime example.

Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan (2018) – $8 million per episode

John Krasinski in Amazon Prime Original Series Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan (2018)

American author Tom Clancy is a household name among fans of the military espionage genre, and Jack Ryan is his most famous work of fiction. The Amazon series marks the fifth live adaptation of the character, who has previously been played by actors including Ben Affleck and Harrison Ford. The general reaction to John Krasinski is not favorable, after all everyone knows he is from officebut over the course of two seasons, he’s not only proved his mettle as an action hero.

Sneaky Pete (2015) – $9 million per episode

sneak piete giovanni ribisi on phone

made by MD’s house Creators David Shore and break Bad star Bryan Cranston, sneaky pete Follow a former inmate who assumes the identity of his inmate to escape the dangers of his criminal past. with trumpet soundprivate ryan And Avatar Actor Giovanni Ribisi played Pete “Sneaky” himself, and the series’ 10-episode first season cost $93 million to produce. The series was abruptly canceled by Amazon in 2019, leaving a fanbase asking questions with no reason to cancel.

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The Grand Tour (2016) – 9 million USD per episode

The Grand Tour- Top Gear Server

British TV series highest device One of the most successful shows in BBC history, it was entered in the Guinness Book of World Records as “Most Viewed Reality TV Show” with around 350 million viewers worldwide.

When main hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Jason Davey, Richard Hammond and James May left the BBC show in 2015, Amazon jumped at the chance to start a similarly styled car-related show self-named big trip.

Goliath (2016) – 10 million USD per episode

Giant Amazon poster

main character go far Actor Billy Bob Thornton, Amazon Goliath The story revolves around Billy McBride, a disgraced lawyer who seeks redemption in a corrupt legal system. The first season is arguably the most popular show on the platform, and it’s likely to continue for now, despite the cost. This is also the first show Amazon has made into full episodes, the complete opposite of their typical approach of only making full episodes if the pilot episodes go well.

The Boys (2019) – 10 million USD per episode

Seven hands on hips in The Boys

Adapted from the manga of the same name, boys It is currently one of Amazon’s best-selling products. The cast includes some big names like Karl Urban, and anyone who has seen the film can infer for themselves that all the CGI and top production quality doesn’t come cheap compared to the Marvel movies and DC. Extremely bloody and vulgar scenes, boys‘ The story offers a sinister satirical look at superheroes in general, and what happens if they abuse their power.

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The Man in the High Castle (2015) – $10 million per episode

The man in the tall castle

For quite some time after it first aired, The man in the tall castle This is Amazon’s flagship product line. The film takes place in an alternate history dark world, where the United States lost the Second World War and was taken over by Germany and Japan. The idea was found interesting by viewers and critics alike, enough for Amazon to run it for four full seasons before canceling it.

The production cost of the first part was $72 million and the second part was $107 million, so it can be assumed that the latter won’t be much cheaper to produce.

Crisis in Six Acts (2016) — $13 million per episode

Woody Allen and Miley Cyrus in the 2016 Amazon Prime mini-series "Crisis in Six Acts"

With over 50 films in a career spanning more than 60 years, Woody Allen is one of the most successful directors in modern Hollywood. Unfortunately for those involved, Amazon made the mistake of thinking that paying a lot of money for a famous director and pop star (Miley Cyrus) was enough to produce a successful TV show. The final product flopped in both popularity and critical reviews, being labeled a “100 million dollar idiot” by one insider.

Lord of the Rings (TBD) – total budget 1 billion USD


JRR Tolkien’s $1 billion blockbuster has one of the largest and most devoted fan bases in the world and has been nominated for multiple Academy Awards despite its status. Lord of the Rings is one of the best-selling and most influential book series of all time. Amazon bought the rights for a whopping $250 million in 2017, and under the terms of the deal, the prequel series will run for five seasons. The reported $1 billion budget shows that Amazon is doing its best to make some of the most epic series ever, though how successful they really are remains to be seen. must watch.

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