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The sea is always a conspicuous place and always contains many interesting things hidden deep in the ocean. Through Shark World, we will have more interesting insights about creatures living in the deep sea. Under the guidance of the mysterious character, we will do various interesting activities to feel the ocean. Become the king of the sea and build a kingdom of unique creatures. Keep the fish and let them do many interesting tasks for us. Indeed, we felt relaxed and rested while experiencing Shark World. Along with that is the work of building beautiful creations under the sea.

This is a game of construction and resource management. Shark World allows you to control everything under the sea. From creating and nurturing the creatures that live there. Create an entire society like never before. There are new upgrades and improvements throughout the game. Collect as many fish as possible. Protect the undersea kingdom from many outside forces. The prosperous fish society will now officially begin.

Download mod Shark World – a society of different shark species

Sharkworld focuses on shark species that you may know. Plus creatures you’ve never seen before. You will be the one who plays a major role in their creation and in the construction of underwater structures. Create a variety of environments suitable for sharks to live there. You will also perform quests to earn extra income and experience. It can be said that this is a very new ocean version of the city building game. We will manage a society of fish that live in the water but not humans and creatures on land, building and creating the first sharks for the kingdom…

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Construction will begin at one site and on a smaller scale. Initially, there will be a small amount of money and a certain amount of resources. Upgrade them to many new higher levels after completing specific missions. From there, there are conditions to expand the territory to many different places. After a certain time, we will create a giant shark kingdom.

shark world free mod

different shark species

Perhaps so far, you have only known the common shark. With Shark World, we can add a lot of knowledge about other shark species. Famous examples are Hammerhead Shark, Angel Shark… You will have the right to own and breed all these fish from different mysterious eggs. After the fry hatch, feed them food until they grow up. Then put them in the right environment to live normally. Even if you have the opportunity, you can own a rare species of ancient shark. That is Megalodon with many special abilities and stats.

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create a peaceful society

In addition to keeping fish, you must also create the right environment for the fish to live comfortably. Use money and resources to grow populations suitable for certain species of sharks. Build structures to provide food or incubate eggs. You can also upgrade them if you reach the desired level. In addition, exposing sharks to the necessary environment will help them increase their strength significantly. If you don’t want things to be boring, buy a few more decorations. Add a little fresh color to make the sea more beautiful.

Shark World mod apk

command many battles

You will decide if they are eligible for battle or not. The battlefield will revolve around fish fighting with each other. This may not sound interesting, but you will have to think again. Each battle will feature two pairs of sharks. They will fight until each other’s health bars are drained and when your sharks reach a certain level, they will grow up. . It all depends on how you develop and train them. If you have enough confidence, joining Yujianghu is not too difficult.

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free shark world

Through this game you can know more amazing things about underwater creatures. Realize the social management of real adult giant sharks. Ensure that the species is living the fullest and happiest life. Create the vast and stunning undersea environment you’ve always dreamed of without feeling scared in the Shark World mod.

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