Harry Potter: 10 Sirius Black Tattoos Devoted Fans Will Love

this Harry Potter Over the years, the franchise has garnered a number of loyal fans, many of whom feature character favorites. Among the most famous characters is Sirius Black, the godfather of Harry Potter. This character surprised all the hero fans Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban After being falsely accused of revealing the location of Lily and James Potter to Voldemort.

Sirius Black has helped Harry Potter through the hardest of times, a character who has proven time and time again how much family really means to Harry. Some devoted fans have honored the character with some incredible tattoos! Read on to learn about 10 stunning Sirius Black tattoos.

Daily Prophet wanted poster

Audiences’ first glimpses of Sirius Black are sure to be wicked. The wizard who appeared in a poster for the Daily Prophet looks deranged. The poster (great animation with a typical everyday picture of the Prophet) is a wanted poster that simply says, “Have you seen this wizard?“This photo was released after Sirius’s prison break and all fans will remember this iconic photo. Check out the artist at lizzieprincetattoos on Instagram!

Beastfoot is Sirius Black’s nickname. Wisely, treat the character as an Animagus that can transform into a dog. This adorable tattoo shows off Sirius’ canine shape in the cutest way! The tattoo shows the black dog sitting in a cup of tea, fans will remember the place where Professor Trelawney prophesied grim for Harry Prisoner of Azkaban in one of their classes. Grim, the harbinger of death, is a black dog, like Sirius.

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animal figure

This beautiful and colorful tattoo depicts Sirius Black as a human and his animal form. This tattoo shows that the character is an Animagus, which is very important to him.

The tattoo shows Sirius perfectly, plus his dog form is well done. The inclusion of a full moon in this tattoo represents how often Sirius will enter his animal form to be with his best friend Remus Lupine during his werewolf transformation at the full moon.


Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Audiences were introduced to Sirius Black, and with this new character came many other revelations. Divination was introduced in this film and fans got to meet Professor Trelawney for the first time. The professor predicted the omen of Harry’s death after Ron Weasley saw something called a Grim in Harry’s tea leaves. This foreshadows that Harry will meet Sirius, and this tattoo represents that perfectly.

Sirius Black was able to escape Azkaban because he was a skilled Animagus. When a wizard becomes an Animagis, it takes a lot of skill and practice to transform without the use of a wand, which Sirius was able to do. For this reason, he was able to escape, and this tattoo done by Dark Art Tattoo shows Sirius as his animal Padfoot in prison. The details in this tattoo are simply stunning.

Willow Roi

The Willow Tree is very important to Sirius Black, so it makes perfect sense that a tattoo paying homage to the character would include this iconic part of Hogwarts. The Whipping Willow is a moving tree that grows on the grounds of Hogwarts. The tree is the secret passage to the Screaming Shack, where Remus Lupine and Sirius Black confront Peter Pettigrew after years of thinking he was dead. This stunning tattoo depicts this special spot in great detail.

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Padfoot is Sirius Black’s nickname, and it’s important to the character for a number of reasons. As one of the four Marauders of the Marauder Map, Sirius transformed himself into Animage along with James Potter and Peter Pettigrew, and took on a secret name for his animal form, Padfoot.

This cute tattoo features a beautiful illustration of the name Padfoot, which, along with the character’s wand and teacup, represents The Grim. These icons are the perfect tribute to this much-loved character.

This question

Harry Potter desperately needs Sirius Black in his life, and when Harry realizes he has a family member still alive, their bond becomes incredibly strong. Throughout the series, Sirius gives Harry a lot of advice, and this line is one of Sirius’ cutest messages to Harry when he wonders if he’s “good” or “bad”. Tattoos represent some of Sirius’ most endearing qualities.

time switch

Hermione Granger’s Time-Turner plays an important role in Sirius Black’s life, because without it, the character would suffer a fate worse than death, that of the Dementor’s Kiss. . In the third film, Hermione and Harry go back in time to save Sirius Black from a dementor attack, helping him escape the dementors with the help of Buckbeak, who also saved him. This tattoo depicts Sirius and the Time Machine together, which makes perfect sense!

this portrait

This tattoo showcases the great likeness of this beloved character that any fan will appreciate. Sirius Black is perfectly represented in this work of art by KT. The Sirius Black intro tattoo that every fan knows, with every feature of him accurately represented. Sirius’ long hair, beard and sincere eyes are perfectly depicted in this tattoo. This portrait is the perfect homage to the character and his pivotal role in this fantastic series.

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