Willow Show Star Shares Heartfelt Response To Disney Plus Cancellation

Willow Warwick Davis’ Daughter series star Annabelle Davis has given her heartfelt response to reports of the show’s cancellation on Disney+. launched online late last year, Willow Served as a direct sequel to the 1998 fantasy film, the series opens about 20 years after defeating the evil Queen Bavmoda. It was recently revealed that Disney won’t be continuing with season 2, just days after CEO Bob Iger announced his intention to reduce spending on streaming content.

Currently, davisWillow’s daughter, Mims Ufgood, appeared with her father, taking to social media to share her emotional conversation about the move.

Hinting that she missed her character and the rest of the show’s cast, Davis refused to believe the series’ cancellation would be over. Willow story. Should have “There are so many more stories to tell,The actor seems to be raising hopes that the property might return to the silver screen at some point in the future.

Is this the end of the Willow series?

It was long before screenwriter Jonathan Kasdan was given the green light to start working on his film. Willow series, Lucasfilm often considers continuing the story established by the original film. In addition to discussing a possible sequel, original author George Lucas also outlines a trilogy of novels that take place approximately 15 years after the events of the original film. Incredible X-Men Comics creator Chris Claremont, based on Lucas’ notes, Chronicles of the Shadow War The trilogy presents an alternate future for Elora Danan rather than an ending future in the Disney+ series.

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However, the question that Disney’s latest move raises is whether audiences can see more content set in the wizarding world? Willow. Despite resonating well with critics and garnering high ratings, Kasdan’s Willow The series failed to recapture the wide-ranging cultural impact of the original film. While the showrunners have plans for future seasons, at this stage it doesn’t appear that Lucasfilm has any plans to revisit them anytime soon.

Of course, as Davis pointed out, it took Lucasfilm about 30+ years to start making the sequel, so that’s probably enough time for audiences to finally see it. WillowThe second time triumphantly returned. The main concern, however, is whether Warwick Davies, the undisputed heart and soul of the team, can participate. At the same time, viewers will be able to relive the original movie and Willow Season 1 on Disney+.

source: annabel davis/Twitter

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