My Mini Mart MOD APK (Free shopping) 1.17.5

My Mini Supermarket MOD APK Info

Buy it for free with real money (you need internet access and Google services, if the price is not loaded and the item has not been purchased, stop the game completely, clear Google Play data (no need to sign in) again), then restart the game).

For My Mini Mart, creating a supermarket will be a difficult journey. But the results it produces are worth the effort. Shopping mall management contains everything people need. Expand the variety of products to attract buyers. Generate big income so you can develop new strategies. People will love the success you have now. A business magnate knows what to do with his fortune.

My Mini Supermarket will make it unique when compared to other simulation games. The game uses the management mode of a fast-paced mall. It doesn’t just ask you to do simple things like administration. It also requires us to know how to build from the little things. Know the difficulties that each job brings us. Make you absorb a lot of practical new knowledge. Don’t waste your free time, train people’s perseverance.

Download My Mini Mart Mod – Build the biggest shopping mall

You have been hired as a shopping mall manager in the city. However, it doesn’t grow as expected, so you make a change. Start collecting coins around and build stalls selling different items. Each new counter has something similar to other food or objects. The more you build, the more customers come to shop.

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In the meantime, we will have to work hard to improve service quality. Make your work optimized without having to do too much. It is best to do a lot to develop later.

Create a farm

To get the freshest food, a clean farming process is required. We cannot use unhygienic things. Instead, create the largest farm possible. This farm will be where you grow fruits and grains. Raise animals to harvest many necessary products such as eggs and meat to supply the shops. That’s it, you can fill your stall display rack. Don’t forget to upgrade different farm sections to create more products. This will also help you to sell more products and make more profit.

my mini mart free mod

unlock the device

Machines that optimize your production and transportation processes. For example, they are unlocked when you have enough money to run them. It will help you automate the technique of creating canned products. Helping you source quality goods, not just products. Of course, this also creates more value for the item. The machine can also help you checkout faster to keep your customers happy. These technologies can also be upgraded and become more optimal. Bringing you high productivity like a real big store.

my mini supermarket mod apk


You alone cannot do the necessary work in the development process. So other workers will help you do the work automatically. You only need to spend a small amount of money to hire these people to work for you. Put them in the best position and do everything for you. Hard workers will make better products for the mall. Let’s focus on other equally important tasks in My Mini Mart mod.

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Download My Mini Mart MOD APK for Android (Free Shopping)

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