I Am Legend 2’s Zombies May Look Entirely Different (& That’s Good)

i’m a legend 2 While production was underway, viewers were able to see that the zombies – or Darkseekers mentioned in the film – looked nothing like they did in the first movie. Filmmaker Akiva Goldsman has confirmed that Will Smith will return to star as Robert Neville in the film, while actor Michael B. Jordan will join in an unspecified role. It’s certainly exciting news, but other tidbits revealed by Goldsman hint at major changes for the upcoming film.

in an interview durationGoldsman explains i’m a legend 2 events to follow i’m a legendalternative end. In this version, Robert Neville realizes that the monsters are not as stupid as he believes, returns their leader to his lover, whom Neville is experimenting with, and leaves New York City. i’m a legend 2 The plot will begin 20 to 30 years after these events — a plot that Goldsman says will be closer to the novel that underlies the original film. This suggests that when Will Smith returns for the sequel, the world will be different from the one audiences remember.

I Am Legend 2 will draw more inspiration from the book

i’m a legend Adapted from the novel of the same name by science fiction writer Richard Matheson. The plot follows a man named Robert Neville, who believes himself to be the last remaining civilization after an epidemic of vampires (not zombies). There are two types of people infected – basically resurrected corpses (more like zombies) and those who are technically alive (more like vampires). Neville has dedicated his life to being the only one immune to killing two monsters that sleep during the day and capturing many alive in his lab for research. This started a war between him and the vampire.

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Eventually, Neville sadly realizes that humans infected with vampires have begun to organize into advanced social groups. Although Neville’s book ends with i’m a legend Alternate film ending, still following the idea that he was wrong to kill vampires and experiment on them. i’m a legend 2 Being closer to the events of the book version, it can be assumed that Will Smith’s version of Neville will have more understanding of the “zombie” society he killed in the first film.

Zombies in I Am Legend will change after the time jump

Will Smith stacks me as a legendary monster

goldsmith revealed i’m a legend 2 The story, which takes place decades after the events of the first film, suggests that the Shadow Seekers will have plenty of time to develop into the society described in the book. In another ending of the film, Neville realizes that these monsters, while ferocious and cannibalistic, are also capable of love and have complicated plans. However, he and Ana begin with the cure he created, in hopes of returning the world to normal. However, if in the sequel the zombies don’t want to be cured and the uninfected are in the minority, that could spark a major conflict.

this i’m a legend The book lasted only a few years so the idea of ​​how zombie/vampire societies evolved over the decades was never explored. So it’s hard to guess what the monster will look like when it comes back i’m a legend 2However, if the sequels look at the civilizing potential of this new society, it’s fair to say they’ll be a little less wild than they’ve seen before. Presumably, as in the books, there will be multiple versions of the infected, ranging from barbarian and violent to people who are supposed to be uninfected.

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Why are different zombies good for I Am Legend 2

The combination of Will Smith and Michael B. Jordan in I Am Legend

Finally, reveal i’m a legend 2 Will follow the book more closely and take place decades after the events i’m a legend is good news. First, while some would prefer the film’s original ending due to the emotional impact of Neville’s sacrifice, an alternative ending that humanizes the zombies is more likely to be explored in depth. better (meaning a better sequel). Additionally, the zombies have evolved allowing filmmakers to start over with their monster designs, as the jaws of the CGI zombies are strangely disconnected, leaving a lot of room for improvement. .

However, the greatest benefit to an evolved zombie society, especially those that can masquerade as uninfected humans, is as in i’m a legend Books, that is to say, have enough room for surprises. A Vampire Trick Robert Neville In The Book, So Maybe This Will Happen In i’m a legend The same goes for the subsequent films. What actor Michael B. Jordan will play in the upcoming film is still a mystery — so it’s possible he’ll end up being one of the Infected. At this point, anything is possible. i’m a legend 2The film’s premise opens the door to an interesting and thought-provoking plot.

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