Madea’s Top 10 Most Memorable Quotes

Madea or Mabel Earlene Simmons first filmed in 1999 I can do bad things aloneHowever, in 2005, Madea opened up to the cinematic field in “Diary of a Mad Black Woman”. Since then, the role of Mada has emerged in many films and has never made the audience laugh out loud.

Madea, played and created by Tyler Perry, is a beloved character known for her intense love, fearlessness, and ability to be uncaring. Madea represents what Tyler Perry considers the stereotype of the older African-American woman, and although she can be seen as strict at times, she is strong and carries that strength through. Give your audience some of the best things to say. So here are the top deals from Madea.

lady in court

in the movie 2009 Mada goes to jailMabel Simmons was later summoned to court after she was arrested for assaulting two police officers while resisting arrest. Although Mada was released after the officer failed to read Miranda’s rights, Mada used her charms in court to ensure that she replaced the judge. The court allowed the audience to witness Madea say, “I live for God… When I think of the goodness of Jesus and all that He has done for me, my soul cries out Ha– lelujah, thank God for saving me.” The Madea side is heavily dramatized, which is why it remains her top quote.



Madea’s signature “Hellur” is easily recognized by fans. Replace the word Hello with Hellur representing the native language of African-American women, a phrase that has always reminded fans that Madea is coming. “Hellur” became the focal point of Madea’s greetings and introductions, as viewers were able to see the iconic quote used in a skit to greet Donald Trump thanks to a guest appearance on The Jimmy Fallon Show Trump (Donald Trump).

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Also, the line is a fan favorite, as Madea’s “Hellur” was used in Adele’s Hello remix. Therefore, this line is one of her most resonant statements with fans.

Cora and my time


exist Mada goes to jail, Madea was forced to wait for her daughter Cora to drive to the store. She starts to lose patience and decides to call Cora, only to find out that her daughter is “on time” at the hairdresser. As Madea, she is struck by the notion that “my time” awaits everyone easily. Shocked, Madea looked around incredulously and replied, “Do you need anything?… Cora, I asked you for a while if I had to cook for you… When I ran into a stripper. that night… what the hell? is my time… time for nothing.” This made the audience laugh as it showed Madea’s lack of concern for others.

Mada and the red car


movie 2009 “Madia in prison” Lay the foundation for many of Madea’s top quotes. One of them is “I’m not afraid of no popo called popo”. In a parking lot scene, a woman can be seen driving a red Ferrari past Mada, grabbing a parking spot right in front of Mada’s cape. Madea tried to stay calm and talk to the woman, however, she decided to ignore Madea. This caused Madea to explode with anger when she saw the forklift. In retaliation, Madea used a forklift to move the woman’s car and threw the Ferrari from above. As a result, the police received calls asking Mada to run away, while shouting that she was not afraid of any police officers showing contempt for the law.

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statement of responsibility


In prison, Mada joined a religious group and listened to the stories of fellow inmates. After an inmate tries to blame her parents for her current living situation, Mada sees this as an opportunity to talk about responsibility. Madea went on to say “Honey, you’re in prison for what you’ve done and learning to take responsibility for yourself… I can’t stand people wanting to be victims… Parents you gave me Life… it’s up to you what you do with it.. It not only shows Mada’s tolerance for other people’s bullshit but also shows Mada’s mature side.

divorce agreement


The first Madea movie to be introduced was by Tyler Perry “Diary of a Psychotic Black Woman”, 2005. In the film, Mada’s love of violence and simple solutions is portrayed to the audience, as she believes that the wife who cooks and cleans deserves half as much as the man. Madea takes this literally and uses her ideology to negotiate a possible divorce settlement for her niece.

As a result, Madea “supposedly” asked her niece’s abusive ex-husband, “which half do you want?” Madea continued to question, pointing to the couch with the chainsaw running in her hand. In the end, she decided to saw off the sofa to show her bravery.

mada and foster care


In the movie “A house party in Madea”, Ms. Simmons was given the responsibility of looking after disadvantaged youth as part of community service, instead of going to jail. Aware of the task at hand, Madea argued to the judge, “Damn it… that’s why God put women through menopause”. This made the audience laugh because Madea becoming a guardian for a young teenager was an unexpected episode. Madea responds to her request and proves herself to be a great defender of young girls, although her initial reaction is negative, trying to explain the purpose of menopause. .

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Ku Klux Klan


movie 2013 “Motorcycle Christmas” Mada’s escape from the KKK is a scene that captivates audiences. While on a trip with friends, Mada stops to bathe in a remote town. Madea was led to a warehouse by a towner and confidently opened the door, only to find the KKK meeting men in white coats and Confederate flags.

Not knowing how to react, Madea ran away screaming “run for her life” while jumping into the back of the car for safety. However, the moment that stunned fans, Madea’s reaction and words couldn’t be more appropriate.

Airport security


In the movie “Witness Protection in Madea”, Madea was forced to submit to airport security and to comply with travel laws, Madea agreed to all security requirements including body searches and security checks. However, as she approached the screening room, Madea noticed how wide her feet were, adding that “my legs haven’t been that wide since I had a daughter”. While she usually doesn’t follow the law, Madea makes an exception, but making sure airport security knows how upset she is proves she’s still a grandma who doesn’t care about opinions. other.



Tyler Perry 2006 “A house party in Madea” Teach viewers how to deal with domestic violence. Knowing that her niece is being abused by her husband, Mada decides to offer some advice. One could easily guess that Mada’s remedy would be violence as a source of revenge. While making breakfast, Madea demonstrates the “throw and slap” method. Although both viewers and her niece took it as a joke, Madea made it clear that she wasn’t joking about it. Her niece continues to use this method, which is why it’s one of her best quotes, sending a message to viewers not to overdo it.

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