Magic vs. Metal MOD APK (Skill CD | Mana | Currency) 1.02.26

Magic vs Metal MOD APK information

1. No CD2 skill. Start the battle with a lot of Mana3.currency never depreciates

Have you ever thought about the end of humanity, replaced by robots and other creatures? Magic and Metal lets you see what the future will look like when Earth has just experienced a collision with a giant meteorite. When the battle for survival broke out between the biological side and the machine side. Players will choose their favorite heroes and enter the battle for survival. Collect more army members and become the strongest in the clan. The site is surrounded by crumbs and mold. The Earth is covered in brown and gray, haze from the meteorite impact.

After choosing a team character, the player will be taken to the stone field. Gradually, mutant monsters appear and come towards you. At the foot of your army, everyone will have a white circle of power. There is a red circle at the bottom of the enemy’s feet. They are approaching your restricted area and you need to shoot them all down to stop them. Anyone hit by the bullet will explode and disappear. But their number is increasing day by day. When you kill all of these guys, you will pass the requirements of that level. Rotate the 3D globe to select the area the player wants to fight in.

Download Magic Vs Metal mod – survival battle between futuristic mechanized army and biological army

Just touch where you want to move on the screen and the robot will automatically move there. If you want to shoot any creature, click it repeatedly. In addition to the familiar gold coins, there are two other bonuses for the magic gold war. One is a mint green hexagonal part, and the other is a metal piece in the shape of a purple flower. Collect them by winning wars or completing in-game objectives. Your restricted area is separated by an invisible wall. Whenever an enemy gets close, that wall will appear in a cloud of blue light.

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Magic Wars Metal Apk Free

machine selection

Many snake machines are magic compared to metal and come in a variety of shapes. It started out as a rudimentary robot with a small round head. The joints of the limbs are assembled with simple screws. Through the curtain of blue and white light, a red robot appeared. Limbs become slimmer and more flexible. Instead of a gun, the robot wields a large, sharp short knife. There is also a robot in the form of an old boss behind him. Gu Jia on his head wears a hat resembling a mandarin’s hat. He holds a staff in his hand, on the top of which is an orange energy gem.

magic vs metal apk

control activity

There are squares in the bottom corners of the screen with white icon maps inside. is the sequence of actions that the player chooses to engage in combat. Press and hold and drag the robot’s head to the desired position of the player. It will show your army there, with the maximum number of characters shown in the corner of the square. The goblin’s head turned out to be a green goblin with large and pointed ears. The button with the white skull is the player’s strongest critical hit. Wall Build a wall to block enemy attacks, but only temporarily. Images of drums hypnotize enemies.

Magic Wars metal mod APK

crazy machine

Crazy machines are trying to attack and destroy your base. It is difficult to overcome them if you only rely on your ability. Therefore, the player needs the help of another army of robots. Reinforcement minions even machines are crazy. Each of these aid groups has different skills and spells. They unleash new spells. Lightning, sparks, and a terrible explosion followed. In addition to controlling his character, players also need to flexibly manage other reinforcements to work effectively.

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Magic and metal mod

Magic and Warzone. Metals are incredibly diverse and span the world. In a damp, moldy, mossy dungeon. Or in a hot desert with boiling lava next to a volcano. Upgrading the character also helps the battle go faster. The robot’s attack attribute is increased to scare the enemy. The killing intent and halo show the power and legend of the army in the magic and metal mod.

Download Magic vs. Metal MOD APK for Android (Skill CD | Mana | Currency)

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