Bloons TD Battles MOD APK (Infinite medallions, energy) 7.10.0

Bloons TD Battles strategy game where you will accompany monkeys to protect the stronghold. The publisher of kiwi ninja does not create monsters or enemies with powerful armies. In this game, you need to explode the balloons to block the way before they enter the city gate. Not a confrontation like explosive battle, but you will have to struggle with a huge number of balloons. Used to place strategic positions for the gunner. Bloons TD Battles has a detailed beginner’s guide, so don’t worry if you don’t know the game. Help the monkeys protect the fortress from the balloons.

The white flag is a symbol of surrender in every battle and in Bloons TD Battles you can use it when you feel helpless. But no, it’s only for poor commanders. You can lose but there is no need to use it that way. The beams of colorful balloons were no longer close. Since it is an enemy, it must be detonated as soon as possible. Do not entrust responsibility to one character, use all weapons to create the strongest squad. Bloons TD Battles requires an effective combination of characters.

Download Bloons TD Battles MOD – Pop Balloons and Defend the Stronghold

It’s still the same monkey, it will get stronger if it’s upgraded. There is no strongest weapon in Bloons TD Battles, players need to use it at the right time. With each passing level, more balloons will be added. Fast movement speed, dense density will cause you to miss some balls because they have not yet exploded. If the ball enters the castle too many times, the player loses. Anywhere on the map, where you think makes sense, place bombs or stakes. The game map is displayed just enough on the screen so that the player can easily see each smallest location.

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Different defense game modes

Attack, Arena Battle, and Defense are the main game modes in Bloons TD Battles. Each mode is where you try to defend your stronghold in a whole new style. But no matter what you choose, you can’t help but prepare a methodical plan to destroy all the balloons. Sometimes the balloons fly around a lot and it will be harder for you to break them from the sides. Weapons don’t always line up exactly in position. This is the player’s weakness in Bloons TD Battles.

Bloons TD Battles . mod apk

Characters and Weapons

Not only can monkeys fight, but you can also choose to use a variety of other weapons. Spike Factory, Bomb Tower, Task Shooter are all I want to mention. In addition, the number of characters in Bloons TD Battles is also very diverse. Choose your favorite monkey and let it fight with the obnoxious balloons. Cobras, Dart Monkeys, Ninjas, Glue Gunners… all impress when blowing up balloons.

Upgrade weapons to eliminate balloons

The player cannot control the path of the balloon in the next round. Not only increasing the speed, the balloon also changes the starting point, making the weapon you deploy no longer effective. Now take care of your weapon system and upgrade it now. Upgrades can be made while the battle is in progress.

Bloons TD Battles mod download

Bloons TD Battles has many other extra features such as decals, skins for players to change certain points in appearance. Tower defense systems, upgrades, game modes are all built to build. Download Bloons TD Battles MOD to join the brave monkeys and use weapons to blow up balloons.

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Download Bloons TD Battles MOD APK for Android (Unlimited Medals, Energy)

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