Pokémon GO: How To Find (& Catch) Shiny Murkrow

Shiny Darkraven will be featured in the Pokémon GO Spotlight Hour event. The player can make some preparations to encounter and get it.

Shiny Murkrow will be featured in the upcoming Highlight Hour Pokémon GO. Spotlight Hour is a weekly event in which the spawn rate of a single Pokémon is increased by one hour. This is the best chance for players to work hard to earn XP, Stardust or Candy and catch Shinies. Spawning has become so aggressive, players don’t even need to leave their homes to find a decent number of Pokémon. While Highlight Hours don’t change the Shiny Odds like Community Day events do, they make it easier to come across Shiny Odds based on the sheer number of them spawning.

Murkrow Spotlight Hour will take place on October 26 from 6pm to 7pm local time. Spotlight now also offers players an additional bonus, during which time players can expect to double XP to evolve Pokémon for the hour. This is the second of its kind this month, the first taking place during Drifloon Highlights Hour.

There are several things players can do to prepare for Murkrow Spotlight Hour. Players will know they’ve encountered a Shiny Murkrow when Shiny Murkrow appears bright purple with a light behind. These are all different ways players can increase their chances of finding Shiny Darkraven.

How to find the shiny crow in Pokemon Go

Spooky Pokemon standing in the mountains in the Pokemon GO loading screen

  • Run away: If Darkrow is not lit, the player should run away. This will save time between encounters and make it easier to find its shiny shape. However, in doing so, the player will miss out on the opportunity to earn experience points, stardust, or candy.
  • Quick Catch: This is a trick that allows players to catch Pokémon and skip the Pokeball animation, saving time between new encounters. It can be a bit annoying to learn at first, but it will make it a lot easier to take advantage of it during punctual events.
  • To mark Pokémon that can evolve first: Pokémon GO Allows players to browse their Pokémon Archive and mark Pokémon with specific symbols. Players should do this for all Pokémon in the inventory that can evolve before the event. After the event starts, players can pop lucky eggs and start evolving to get more XP.
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Even though the Spotlight Event has ended, players can still meet Shiny Murkrow through normal play. Pokémon GO More could be done with Murkrow in the Halloween crossover event. During past holiday events, players were able to catch custom versions of classic Pokémon such as Pikachu, Charmander, Bulbasaur, and Squirtle. It has been confirmed that the event will feature a new special research for players to complete. This can be tied to Murkrow and gives the player another chance to find and retrieve its Shiny form.

Pokémon GO Now available on iOS and Android.

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