Hero Castle Wars MOD APK (Unlimited money, respawn) 1.7.9

APK information Hero Castle War MOD

1. Use gold coins to open the box and the value of gold coins, gold coins and bluestone will increase significantly after opening the box. 2. Amethyst is required to open the treasure chest, the price is amethyst (except for the daily special treasure chest). After opening the treasure chest, the value of Amethyst increases greatly. 3. Unlimited regeneration.

Hero Castle Wars is a new and unique action RPG. Although newly released, the game has quickly won the hearts of players. The game has hundreds of thousands of downloads in a short period of time. Especially those who participated in the experience left positive comments. Hero Castle Wars is curated and continuously improved to keep players entertained. This also proves the magical appeal of heroic castle wars.

What do you expect from an RPG? Definitely an exciting adventure in the heat of battle. Then look no further because Hero Castle War is here. The gameplay of the game makes it easy even for those who have never played it. Here, you will be the controller of combat soldiers. It will be fun to go to war as a leader. Now let’s enter the first level of the heroic castle war and defeat the fierce enemies. From there, you will reach the ultimate goal of saving the princess.

Download Hero Castle War Mod – Kill Enemies Instantly

As mentioned earlier, when participating in this game, you will have to defeat all the enemies in their tower. At first, the challenges presented by Hero Castle Wars seem quite simple. Since those enemies are only 1 to 90 in strength, don’t let that mean you’re allowing yourself to be subjective because of the cool stuff ahead. So take the opportunity to start practicing well before facing the real challenge.

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Face the first challenge

Hero Castle Wars thrills participants with simple gameplay. Players only need to get acquainted a few times to be able to master all the moves. Then you won’t be surprised when the real challenge approaches. Soldiers at this stage possessed considerable strength. They have an index from 100 to 999, sorted by the height of the tower. Every time you defeat a player, you get more buildings for your faction. When having trouble with strong troops, don’t forget to use magic to deal with them. Thanks to it, it will be easier to take down enemies!

Hero Castle War Mod


The tower floor to hit also depends a lot on the strength of your army. Every time you finish destroying the foundation of a building, Hero Castle Wars will give you a specific item. Use them to improve the strength of your army. Indeed, this will be an unforgettable mark of strength as you overcome the challenges of the game. In addition, raising the level of the character’s magic movement is also very noticeable. As mentioned earlier, magic moves can be a great help when you are stuck in a fight. Having powerful moves will also help you get the most out of your enemies. However, this takes a considerable amount of time, so you will need a fair amount of patience.

monster fight

The monster system that hero castle war brings is not just ordinary sentinels. And they are also the strongest animals in the legend. Usually dragons, snakes, bears etc are scary bosses in this game. Therefore, their power should not be underestimated.

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hero castle war apk

In addition to improving character strength and defeating monsters. Beware of building and upgrading your towers. Every time your tower is higher, you will have more soldiers. This will also make it easier and simpler for you to fight monsters. Download Hero Castle War to get close to powerful monsters and complete all challenges quickly.

Download Hero Castle Wars MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Revival) for Android

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