A Blade Comic Reveals the Dark Truth of the Original Movie’s Villain

Warning: contains a preview Darkhold: Blade #1!

A New Comic Starring Blade Reveals Dark Truths About Pearl, One Of His 1998 Vampire Villains tongue, played by Wesley Snipes. While the severely obese archivist was sunburned after his encounter with the legendary Sunwalker, his looks are implied to be the sole result of his privileged position. Darkhold: Blade #1Fans have seen an alternate version of Kingpin that looks a lot like, suggesting that Pearl may not be an exception, but a specific type of vampire, or endgame of the most powerful undead. and overfed.

Pearl, played by actor Eric Edwards, is the archivist of the House of Erebus who works with Deacon Frost to help an aspiring vampire translate and make sense of the long-lost legend of La Magra Blood god. Though his location was kept secret, Pell was discovered by Blade and his assistant, Karen Jensen after a brutal interrogation of one of Frost’s henchmen. Pearl continues his quest for knowledge, and he is tortured with an ultraviolet flashlight that doesn’t give Blade the answers he’s looking for, leaving his skin blistered. Although the pearl’s enormous size seems rare but Darkhold: Blade If not then suggest.

When Blade read from the Darkhold to stop the old god Chthon, the evil book showed him a world where he failed to stop Frost from becoming La Magra. In the story of Daniel Kibblesmith and Federico Sabbatini, this transformation creates a V-wave that instantly transforms millions of people (including many superhumans on Earth), leaving the rest of humanity split between vampires and their dwindling food supply. As Blade continues his hunt, his former vampire ally, Amadeus Cho, is kidnapped by the Avengers’ wreckage and convinced to return to New York’s current vampire king, Wilson Fisk.

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The cool thing about this version of Kingpin is that he basically becomes Pearl. While Kingpin has always been a larger character, as a vampire, Kingpin is more generous, offering to stay in the present and deal with things through subordinates like Pearl. Pearl’s size doesn’t seem to be just a personal joke, but something that happens to the strongest vampires when they have unlimited access to blood. The final Kingpin and Pearl are a top class vampire whose immortality allows them to consume non-stop without endangering their health. The strongest vampires seem to look more like Pearl than the noble, corpse-like Dracula of Marvel Comics.

While Amadeus’s interrogation of Fisk was interrupted by the failed Avengers attack, King took his own life when one of Blade’s weapons scattered atomic silver throughout his penthouse. While Blade (and the X-Men in general) has protected the Marvel Universe from vampire invasion in mainstream Marvel reality, this issue reinforces some truths about how the Marvel universe works. their natural hierarchy, rather than the extreme gluttony of vampires. For example, pearls seem to be the ultimate natural form of immortal predators.

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