The Next FNAF Game Characters May Have Already Been Revealed

next actor five nights at freddy’sThe game may have been accidentally revealed early due to a new leak regarding merchandise. Character designs can give fans an idea of ​​what they can expect in the near future – but more importantly, their product descriptions could inadvertently reveal the nature of sequels in the franchise. commercial rights.

In spite of five nights at freddy’s: Security holeDLC ruins Announced in May 2022, not much has been known about the expansion since. ruins After a thorough analysis by the community, several interesting theories have emerged, mainly revolving around the unidentified young girl who seems to be playing the lead role. FNAF’s VulnerabilityThe DLC was revealed in the novel, and this latest leak could give fans their biggest hint yet (so big it might even form a new game).

New FNAF Balloon Circus Funko Pops Linked to Security Breach

A new Funko Pop collection called “hot air balloon circus“recently released on the Funko website and third-party retailers, revealing unique and unfamiliar characters. But according to the YouTube Sheeprampage, the branding of these products is rather questionable. Some are simply labeled”hot air balloon circus“toys, while others (or before modified) are classified as”Five nights at Freddy’s: security breach“, suggesting that they are somehow related to the latest title in the series. The inconsistency between these Funko figures has fueled speculation about their true nature, and there is some evidence. certainly surprising to support these claims.

Balloon Circus Funko Pops May Reveal Next FNAF Game and Character

Circus Chica figurine from the FNAF Balloon Circus collection, wearing a party hat and matching mauve outfit.

These fan-favorite characters are likely to appear in Safety violationDLC, or they’ll start a whole new game. Of course, at first they Five nights at Freddy’s: Security breach making them obvious expansion candidates – but that doesn’t explain why some products lack the vulnerability label and are only classified as part of the Balloon Circus chain. As Sheeprampage speculates, this could be due to a last-minute decision to keep the content of the DLC private while still generating excitement.

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However, when examining the product details of these new Funko toys, there are some interesting words that could hint at a new product. five nights at freddy’sbelong to game completely. The Funko website describes the characters of the Balloon Circus as “With scary and cute animal images from the game.” Considering that these characters have never appeared in any previous content (not even content FNAF game with the biggest lore reveal), strongly hinting that they will be at the heart of a future game – one that could already be made.

With Funko Pops’ cartoon and family-friendly design, the new game could be like FNAF world. These are mostly speculations and they could still be related to the upcoming ruins DLC, or they are purely distractions. But with inconsistent branding and revealing product descriptions, these hot air balloon circus figures could be new entries in a number of ways. five nights at freddy’suniverse.

Source: Sheeprampage/YouTube, Funko

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