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The feeling of extreme disappointment, the burst of happiness after completing the challenge. That’s what I mean when I say get over it. Why do you say that? Because this game caused a global sensation around 2017, sitting alone in the cauldron has created an unusual attraction for many challenging gamers. This is definitely the strongest patience and indie game ever made. It is understandable that the players go from hope to disappointment quickly.

I will review to make it easier for you to understand. Getting Over It is a simulation game created by Bennett Foddy. Why mention this person? Not really, because he’s the creator of the game. It is he who will accompany you throughout the game. There are tasks ahead of you. Along with the classic sayings that have made the game’s brand. Of course, you will not be patient and calm when playing the game.

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Just a naked man sitting in a cauldron. With an ax in hand, there are no instructions. You have to figure things out for yourself, who you are, why you are here, what your purpose is. All questions are in the player’s mind. until he moves the hammer with his finger. Touch the ground and start moving. The hammer will lift your entire body and the cauldron into the air. Ignore all laws of physics that exist on Earth. But it’s just a game and that’s okay. Continue.

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Along the way, you’ll learn how to play. There will be voice acting at the beginning of the game. That’s the voice of the game’s developer, Bennett Foddy. He will greet you in a friendly manner and chat with you. You will continue to move the cauldron with the man, overcoming many different obstacles. From a tree with many branches protruding from cliffs, narrow cracks and many other obstacles. This is destined to be a long and arduous journey.

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through the atmosphere

As the game is designed higher and higher. Plus, the ever-changing terrain and different obstacles. You will be surprised how difficult they are to use. Sometimes slips and falls can be a familiar thing. But there’s only one problem, and that’s in case it falls. You will drop almost continuously, even down to the first point you started. At this point, your inhibitions have definitely peaked. You can even swear when you lose your temper. But be calm and patient through all the levels of this game.

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puzzling companion

Remember Bennett Foddy? That’s right, who will chat with you in that game. This seems to be the intention of the developer. When the creator himself has an authentic conversation with the player. Of course, you won’t be able to respond to him. In Overcome It, Bennett will supervise you throughout your level. Sometimes he’ll give you some important hints to get you through the tough times. Sometimes they talk about philosophical topics, views on life and the world. And when you fail many times or accidentally fall down. He will warmly comfort you. But most of those words made the players even more depressed.

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to the top of the universe

After passing, enter the final challenge game. Get close to the night sky, jump one more time and you’re in space. Bennett Foddy will greet you. You will fly into starry space. It is a testament to perseverance, hard work to overcome all challenges. Be ready to spend a lot of time moving towards your final destination. A thank you line will appear, and the developer will thank you for sticking with the game for a certain period of time. This is definitely the happiest moment for every gamer.

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And a clever way to build games. Just simple operation and interface. Overcoming difficulties shows us the attractiveness of completing challenges. The feeling of failure is very unpleasant. But that doesn’t mean we’ve successfully given up on reaching the top. Very fun and creative, download the Getting Over It mod specifically for climbing.

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