Archive 81’s Kaelego, Baldung & Comet Connection Explained

Netflix Sci-Fi Horror Series Storage 81 There are many puzzles, including the complex connection between the ancient entity Kaelego, the Council of Baldung, and the comet known as Kharon. Story based on horror podcast of the same name and description Storage 81Excellent cast of characters. Mamoudou Athie plays Dan Turner, a young archivist hired by a mysterious company to restore a set of videotape that was almost destroyed in a 1994 fire. However, what he finds on the tapes. is evidence of something sinister and mystical that could somehow be related to the loss of his own family in a similar fire in his childhood home.

When Dan was first introduced, he was working at the Museum of the Moving Image restoring old or damaged film. He is invited to meet a rich and mysterious man named Virgil Davenport at his company, which has no online presence, called LMG. Virgil offered Dan $100,000 to restore and digitize a set of VHS tapes that had been damaged in a 1994 fire at an apartment building called Visser. The problem is that he will have to be alone in a facility in the Catskills owned by LMG, with no internet or cell phone service until the job is done. The tapes were shot by a recent graduate named Melody Pendras, who presumably moved to Visser to film a project about the residents and history of the old building.

Dan agreed to complete the project, but after recovering the first tape, he noticed something strange happening in Visser in 1994. He was even more worried when he saw that his father had Melody dragged away on one of the tapes, and Visser was sent to a mental institution. It turns out that Visser’s residents are members of a demonic cult that worships an entity called Kaelego. Storage 81Videotapes were found revealing that the cult leader and Viser’s resident, Samuel, wanted to use Melody to perform a ritual that awakened Kaelego and opened the door to other worlds. Samuel’s worship follows the teachings of an earlier sect that worshiped Kaelego long before Visser existed, but this raises questions about what Kaelego really was, and where that entity came from. and why Melody is so important to the ritual.

Kaelego Explains: What are Gods and Demons?

1994 The cult’s worshiped entity is a fictional god-demon character named Kaelego. He is an ancient entity that was once attached to a pair of twin comets named Kharon. Thousands of years ago, one of the comets separated from the pair and crashed into Earth. Now, Kaelego lives alone Storage 81One pocket size is called another world. He can create ideal versions of a person’s life when they enter his pocket dimension, and since time works differently in the afterlife, he can experience the past. , present and future at the same time. For thousands of years, people in different cultures believed that Kaelego was a god or a demon. When it became clear that Kaelego was a force of destruction, a group of sorcerers known as the Baldung imprisoned Kaelego in a statue made of Karonite to protect the world from him.

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In the series, Kaelego has two notable sects, the Vos Association in the 1920s and the Spiritual Receivers in 1994. The 1920s sect was started by the Vos family, three wealthy siblings who inherited the faith. their father’s belief in Kaelego’s power. Iris Vos and her brothers Jonah and Lukas find the statue that Baldung has imprisoned Kaelego inside, and plan to use the statue to open the portal to the Other World and bring Kaelego into their world. Iris tricked a girl named Rose into a sacrifice so that Kaelego could reside in her body, and they poured the blood of Baldung they killed on the Karonite statues, opened the door, and tried to let Kaelego go. via. Instead, Vos’ mansion burned down and Iris Vos was dragged to another world. Decades later, long after the Voss family mansion had been converted into House Viser, the recipient planned to perform a similar ritual, which had to be performed on the night Calon returned and fell in love. required the blood of a Baldonian to complete.

Kaelego also takes the form of glittering black mold, a neurotoxin that makes anyone who inhales or ingests it sensitive to his powers. In the afterlife, spots of mold can be seen floating in the air, similar to strange things. Mold appeared all over the Vos mansion and then infected most of the Vissers. Samuel used stereotypes as a drug to lure addicts to the building and used them to repeatedly recite the Kaelego prayer to a certain tune. The mold was also used for Jess, a 14-year-old resident of Visser, which Samuel plans to use as an offering and receptacle that will eventually be inhabited by Kaelego. Dan found the same pattern in his equipment and vehicle storage rooms. The stereotype also seems to be the reason Dan and Melody are able to communicate through time through dreams.

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Baldung History and Powers Explained

Storage 81

The Baldung are a group of witches who once believed that Kaelego was the savior of humanity, much like the Order of Vos and Spirit Receivers. Baldung once tried to revive Kaelego, but some tragedy happened and revealed the truth about Kaelego – he is more evil than God and needs to be stopped. To protect the world from demons, they gave up most of their magic and imprisoned Kaelego in a statue made of Karonite, an elemental created from the comet that brought Kaelego to Earth. Since then, Baldung has worked to protect the world from Kaelego and prevent his release from another world.

Ironically, Melody was naturally disgusted by Kaelego’s melodious prayers, later revealed to be a descendant of Baldung Coven. She moved to Viser River, hoping to find her biological mother, whom Samuel had led her to believe lived there. Her mother is later revealed to be Bobbi, a janitor at the LMG factory where Dan works. Bobbi, himself a Baldung witch, had adopted Melody, hoping that their blood pressure would never affect her. However, Samuel plans to use Melody’s blood to help open up another world. However, Bobby later tells Dan and his friend Mark that they need the full involvement of the Baldung Witch to open the portal successfully, implying that this is why the cultist’s attempt pathetic failure.

Descendants of the Baldung lineage, like Melody, experienced periodic blackouts, during which they frantically scribbled black lines to signify their connection to the afterlife. Likewise, Melody’s dislike of prayer seems to stem from her Baldung legacy. Baldung is just one faction in Kaelego’s Secret Wars. While it has yet to be revealed in the Netflix series, it does imply that groups like the Vos Guild will continue to try to capture Kaelego from the afterlife, while Baldung continues his efforts to detain him. expect, Storage 81 Season 2’s story will answer some of those questions, whether it should be approved or not.

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Why is Kaelego related to comet Kharon


Kharon is a fictional comet that orbits Earth and returns every 70.6 years. Millions of years ago, part of a comet collided with Earth, bringing an element called Karonite to Earth. The comet is named after Kharon (or Charon), the ferryman in Greek mythology who carried souls to Hades. Although Kharon is not an actual comet, it shares similar characteristics to Halley’s Comet, which also orbits Earth and is visible every 75 years, while Charon is one of the moons of the Earth. Pluto and bears the same name as Comet Halley Storage 81caron. The Kaelego cult in the film, similar to the Heaven’s Gate sect, believed that they would go to heaven when the Hale-Bopp comet appeared, causing them to commit mass suicide in 1997. Both the Baldung and Kaelego sects. everyone believes that the return of Comet Kharon has thinned the curtain between realities, making it much easier to open the doors to other worlds and leading to Storage 81 Fascinating final episode of Season 1.

exist Storage 81, a comet appeared in 1924, prompting the Vos Association to attempt to bring Kaelego into their world. It reappeared in 1994, prompting Samuel to recreate the ritual, using Jace as a vessel for Kaelego’s blood and Melody, opening the door by pouring it over Kaelego’s statue. The statue is made of Karonite, an imaginary comet element believed to have psychic properties. Items made from Karonite are closely related to Kaelego.exist Storage 81, Iris Vos has a pendant made of Karonite that she wears to sense Kaelego’s presence. The pendant was given to Rose before she was sacrificed, and later to Visser, where it was also given to Jesse when she received the sacrifice. Karonite seems to help build bridges between worlds, like comets. At the present time, Barbie can open the door to another world without the comet returning, just by using a Caronite statue and performing a ritual similar to the one used by Voss Association and Soul Receiver.

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