Star Wars’ Nightsisters Have One Dark Side Power The Sith Don’t

night sister saga star wars Continuity may not be as strong as the Sith, but at least they have a dark side power that not even the Dark Lord has access to. in the past present legendary Moving on, the Sorcerers of Dathomir are composed of strong women sensitive to the Force (as opposed to the normatively exclusive Dathomir race) with their own unique tradition of using the Force. One such group, known as the Nightsisters, used the dark side of the Force against their enemies in creative and effective ways.

Thanks to retcon, Nightsister first appeared on Star Wars legendary Abandoning her sisters, Charal flees Dathomir, only to be trapped in the Forest Moon of Endor, where she becomes a senior member of the Sanyassan Marauders gang. In the reality show of Charal Ewoks: Battle of Endor and her appearance Star Wars: The Ewoks – Shadows of Endor, Zack Giallongo, who has the ability to turn into a crow. None of the Sith Lords had such power, perhaps because it involved becoming less powerful immediately for the long-term benefit.

The Nightsisters’ animal form has a downside

Charal’s ability to turn into a crow lies in Ewoks: Battle of Endor, Night Sister aided her Sanyassan allies from the air in their hunt for members of the Tovani family. Unfortunately, Charal’s ability is tied to that of Raven Talisman, and her damage could turn catastrophic if someone attacked this fragile gem.exist The Shadow of Endor, Ewok Paploo used his slingshot at Charal, hitting the amulet and instantly transforming her into her crow form. Sadly, Charal remains dangerous in her crow form, as she leads a group of Imperial assault troops to Papulu by provoking one of the soldiers.

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The amulet once again proves the undoing of Charal Battle of Endor, as Terek, the Sanyassan leader who steals the jewel from Charal after she transforms, trapping her in crow form. The amulet was then destroyed, killing Tyrek as its dark side energy was released. Charal’s Fate Star Wars legendary The universe is unknown, but she has no way of returning to her human form now. The Sith religion is obsessed with earthly forces, so it makes no sense for any of them to research the possibility of turning them into small animals. However, this ability has some obvious benefits for reconnaissance and camouflage.

Can a Sith learn Transfiguration?

star wars new sith emperor palpatine

Although the Sith Lords were not known to perform such powerful transformations, they possessed similar powers. It is believed that Palpatine used the dark side to hide his aged appearance for many years, an illusion that was shattered by his own Force lightning during a duel with Jedi Master Mace Windu. Of course, there’s a world of difference between this disguise and turning into an animal. It’s interesting how the dark side can transform a person so comprehensively and so quickly, raising the question of whether the Sith could get a stronger animal form if they researched this power. . Star Wars‘ The future is wide open, and fans could see several factions bring this change back in the future, whether it’s the Nightsisters or new, more experimental versions of the Sith.

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