Firewall No Root MOD APK (Unlocked Pro) 2.2.7

Firewall applications are always combined with security software to create a solid barrier. Firewall No Root is one such firewall. The firewall must prevent any unauthorized activity from interfering with the smartphone. In addition to anti-virus software, firewalls also play an important role. It will protect the smartphone from its data and information exchanges. For example, when a user wants to access a particular website or software. Well-defined so that users can distinguish what should be accessed and what should not. Or send a message to an unknown subscriber and you will be alerted.

Firewall No Root comes from the developer Protectstar Inc., so it offers the same security technology as the developer’s products. Mainly malicious code and unauthorized access come from many different sources. We have artificial intelligence and diagnostic techniques to detect risks. After that, the firewall will be activated immediately. Prevent any possibility of hackers accessing and stealing information. In addition, it blocks and prevents you from using apps that contain malicious code and dangerous data.

Download Firewall No Root mod – Solid Firewall Blocks All Unauthorized Access

This is a passive application and can be turned on or off at any time. When feeling unsafe, you will want to use Firewall No Root. It only takes a few seconds to turn on the firewall. It will detect unauthorized access immediately. Then indicate which app or website it came from. All you need to do is remove us from your smartphone. Once turned on, it will continue to work. It is the process of continuously reading information and data in different software. A message immediately appears on the screen to detect malicious code or dangerous data.

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In addition to reading application data, Firewall No Root also distinguishes and filters out which applications are accessing the server and taking up the most space. The user then clears the cache to save the maximum length. If you no longer use the app, please delete it immediately. Avoid applications that take up space for a long time. You can control Rootless Firewall to disconnect from one or more applications. This will guarantee higher speed, but greater risk.

firewall no root mod apk free

avert any danger

Applications are divided into two categories, one that can only be used with an Internet connection. The other does not require an internet connection. But in many cases, the second application layer will still request access to your internet. Do you want to know why this is so? That’s because their data will be sent to servers in multiple countries. The main activation condition is that you grant it internet access. No Root Firewall will detect and prevent this immediately. Let’s say you open the firewall before accessing other applications. Please remove this app as data transmission through the server is very unsafe.

rootless firewall mod apk

Deny access to multiple media

There are many intelligence services and government servers around the world. Sometimes they link and access anyone’s smartphone globally. Of course, we don’t want our data to be leaked by organizations like the CIA, FBI or NASA. All you need to do is turn on Firewall No Root’s firewall. It will also block and deny access to those servers. The IP addresses of all the above mentioned servers are blocked by the Intrusion Prevention System – IPS. Keep your data safe and inaccessible anywhere. If you are violated, it will be very uncomfortable and annoying.

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Free firewall rootless mode

firewall log

This is where the Firewall No Root system records all its activities in real time. It keeps track of all the work I do at the right time. You can access the log to check its daily activity from time to time. For example, which server’s IP is blocked and which application is not allowed to access. There is also information about deleted files and folders. In rare cases, No Root Firewall can delete virtual directories. If you know about it earlier, you can recover them and keep them in a safer place.

Firewall without root

Has been around for a long time but firewalls still play an important role to this day. It is one of the safest and easiest to use protection tools. Just turn it on to block all unauthorized access. Control and notify about abnormal activity in the device. From PCs to mobile firewalls have proven indispensable for any user. So have you downloaded Firewall No Root mod to protect your smartphone yet?

Download No Root Firewall (Pro Unlocked) MOD APK For Android

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