How to Unlock Gazimon in Digimon Survive

Gazimon is a clawed mammal Digimon that the player can befriend Digimon SurvivalLatest game released in the franchise. Digimon Survival Follow eighth grader Takuma Momozuka and his friends, who are somehow transported to an alternate world filled with Digimon. To survive, players will need to collect Digimon by befriending them and inviting them to join their team; like the other Digimon found at the beginning of the game, Gazimon can be obtained this way.

Make friends with Digimon Digimon Survival Involves having a conversation and answering a series of questions. The Digimon encountered in the game have different personalities and the player must answer questions based on the Digimon’s attributes. If the player does not answer correctly, they will not befriend the Digimon and they will not be able to use it in a team.

Make friends with Gazimon and join Digimon Survival, players need to earn at least three points by answering playful yet empathetic questions that engage them. Players will recognize these questions if they have met and befriended the rock-like Digimon Gotsumon; they are the same set of questions that Gazimon might ask. Unlike Gotsumon, Gazimon considers humans and Digimon equal, so correct answer choices require equality and mutual respect.

How to make friends with Gazimon in Digimon Survive

Players will encounter Gazimon at the beginning of Season 2 Digimon Survival After opening the free bat area. Players can encounter four Digimon in Free Bat battles: Gazimon, Biyomon, Betamon, and Gotsumon. If Gazimon does not appear immediately, the player should continue searching the area; Digimon shows up with some RNGs.

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When the player finds Gazimon, talk to it. At different stages of the dialogue, players need to answer questions; Each question has four answer choices and their scores are subject to change. Since Gazimon values ​​people and treats them as equals, the player should choose answer options that reflect his morals. Here is a selection of the best questions and answers that can be asked when trying to befriend Gazimon Digimon Survival:

  • Question: Boy, you look tough, don’t you? ! I bet if we fall I will lose… | Answer: We can draw.
  • Student: I’m not feeling well… Ai, help me… Hahahaha, just kidding! Do I understand? ! | A: I’m glad you’re okay.
  • Question: I don’t care if you laugh, laugh or whatever! I won’t trust anyone! | A: Then what should I do?
  • Question: Go ahead…guess what I think of you! | Answer: Say I’m easy?
  • Q: Hey, what’s your favorite food? | Answer: Love me some meat!
  • Q: Next step! Whaddaya thinks this is a good joke? | Answer: The trap?
  • Q: Don’t you think every day is too boring? | Answer: Do something!

Players only need to get 3 points or more, and get 2 points for each correct answer, so in Digimon Survival.

Digimon Survival Available on PS4, Xbox One, Switch and PC.

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