Below Deck: Who Is The Quarterback Camille Lamb Dated?

under the table Season 10 of The Sailor and the Stew saw Camille Lamb garner a lot of interest as she bragged to her crew that she used to date a mysterious midfielder. under the table After the premiere of season 10, Camille quickly became one of the most talked about actors on the show. Also, she prefers to party for work and her past as a former contestant American Idol Season 19 draws a lot of interest in her personal life.

However, as Camille talks about her past, she becomes more curious and curious about her past. under the table The Season 10 teammates have dated the midfielder about once, but have not actually revealed the athlete’s name. However, it is revealed that the mysterious midfielder Camille once dated is former Kansas City Chiefs player Shay Patterson. factual news. Shea and Camille were once in love and were very public about their relationship before they broke up. What is this under the table Viewers should know their relationship.

Who is Shea Patterson, Camille Lamb’s ex-boyfriend?

After leaving the Michigan Panthers, Shai became a quarterback for the New Orleans Trail Blazers in the USFL. The American soccer player represented the Kansas City Chiefs after signing as an untrained free agent in 2020. However, he was cut at the end of that July. Camille, fought the new stew Alissa Humber under the tableThey are said to have met Shea while students at the University of Mississippi (Ole Miss). At the time, Shea was a famous college quarterback.

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Shea Patterson and Camille Lamb’s Relationship

Shea and Camille dated from 2016 to 2017 and have been very public about their relationship. Camille, who regularly attends his games, kissed him after he fought back heroically in the second half of the Texas A&M win. The two celebrated Camille’s birthday together on June 23, 2017, and she posted a photo of them on Facebook with the caption: “Thank you for spending my birthday with me. I love you so much! Shay Patterson.” In addition to that post, Shea and Camille have repeatedly shown off to each other on social networks. The couple visited Horn Island in 2016. They also attended an ugly sweater party at Christmas that same year.

Possible reasons for Shea and Camille to break up

From the timeline of their relationship, under the table New Stew and Mariners Camille and Shea reportedly split because he left the University of Mississippi to play for the Michigan Wolverines at the University of Michigan. The couple were no longer seen together a few weeks before Shea’s move was announced on December 11, 2017. However, in under the table, Camille also mentions how often he cheats on her. However, Camille is a very interesting character and viewers should stay tuned for more interesting revelations from her.

Source: RealityTitbit, Camille Lamb/Facebook

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