Extreme Job Knight’s Assistant! MOD APK (Menu/Unlimited money, Max attack/health) 3.50

Tired of playing heroes and fighting constantly? Tired of always being hailed for being famous? Extreme Job Knight’s assistant promises to change your life once and for all. From the position of the champion hero, you will be the hero’s effective assistant. Collect everything you earn in each battle. Take your loot to the next level. This will be the journey of the greatest scavenger in the world. Hero of the first vice-prime, experienced many times of life and death but never fought. If you really want to, stay and listen to me through the next part.

Extreme Job Knight’s Assistant can be said to be more special than many other games. Not because it contains heroes with great strength. There is no noble duty and mission entrusted to you. Telling you to go around and pack your things. You might be wondering what the heck is interesting about this. Interestingly, you are a scavenger. It is the thing that has the strongest effect on strengthening the strength of heroes. You are the real unsung hero.

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From small battles to big ones, heroes are involved everywhere. Of course, if there are heroes, there are scavengers. That’s right, it’s you. You play as a person who constantly goes around collecting items to bring back the hero. In addition to the items that are usually sold for money, there are only a few precious items from time to time. It has the effect of maximizing the hero’s strength. That’s why people consider you an integral part of the team – adventures through dangerous places. Encounter many of the most fearsome monsters in the lore without you having to fight them.

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The person who is willing to do it because you are the hero is always ready to protect you. They have the right to do anything but your job. After a long battle, you can unlock many heroes. Each person will have different prices for you to choose from. The intensity will depend on different degrees. However, anyone can become stronger as long as they work hard to level up. Power-ups are up to you, but you won’t be the one to fight.

Extreme Job Knights Assistant mod for free

scary monster challenge

Each new monster keeps reappearing as you defeat the previous one. Both have a lot of health. That’s nothing to worry about, as your hero is also heavily damaged. Your main job is to travel and collect items dropped on the ground. Some items can be sold for money. There are several important items that can be used to power up your heroes. That’s why there are so many monster items that can drop. The higher they go, the more health and damage they receive. Be careful not to be in danger all the time.

Extreme Pro Knight Assistant mod apk

power-up pets

After reaching certain milestones, you can open pet skins and capture specific species. They will support you in some way to your team’s advantage. For example, adding effects to increase the number of items dropped. Increases hero’s damage and defense. Increased pickup speed and many other interesting mechanics. Pets are also divided into many different levels. Rare type will have more power and effect. If you’re lucky, you can get a legendary pet. This gives a huge advantage and makes fighting much easier

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Extreme Pro Knight Assistant mod apk for free

Collect rare weapons

Items will definitely drop a variety of weapons of different power during pick up. All weapons used by any fighter can be dropped when fighting monsters. Main weapons are items such as swords, maces, hammers, and wands. In addition to secondary weapons, there are also rings and many accessories. As usual, it adds marginal stats in addition to increasing damage. Some rare equipment also has the above special effects. That effect will be much stronger than the effect brought by pets. Equipment is always the soul of a hero. Equip them to fulfill the role of collector.

Extreme Pro Knight Helper Free

I bet this is definitely one of the most refreshing and unique genres. So in Extreme Job Knight’s Assistant mod you will get the hero title along with other heroes. We will not be heroes directly fighting monsters, we will accompany heroes. Collect what you see to power up your hero.

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