Can you find 3 differences in the kings? Try to complete this challenge in 7 seconds

Are you ready to show off your visual agility? In this new challenge, you’ll be able to watch several kings pose for a royal family photo, but there are some differences that only some will be able to catch.

Find 3 Differences You have only 7 seconds to find 3 differences in the royal family, as you will show that you are a GENIUS by solving the most complicated cases shared by Diario Líbero on the main digital platforms.

Try to master this complicated challenge. If you fail, we will give you a second chance so that you can demonstrate each of your skills, but you will only have 3 seconds to not reduce the weight and you can demand your skills to the maximum.


Spot the 3 differences in this challenge. Didn’t you succeed? Here we will leave you with a solved picture.

Answer: The differences you asked for are found in the king’s crown and beard, as well as the queen’s sash.


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