Who Are B.J. Carter & Tre’Dasia Tucker? Meet Terry Rozier Siblings: Family Details

Terry Rozier, the newly drafted shooting guard of the Miami Heat, comes from a caring family that includes a responsible younger brother and sister who inspire him greatly. Terry Rozier has earned a solid reputation as a reliable point guard among NBA fans. Behind the scenes of his NBA career, his family and siblings serve as unwavering pillars of strength. Terry Rozier, NBA shooting guard for the Miami Heat, was selected in the first round of the 2015 draft.

His impressive accomplishments at Louisville College caught the attention of the Boston Celtics who drafted him. He most recently played for the Charlotte Hornets until he was traded to Miami in January 2024.

Terry Rozier brother of BJ Carter

Terry has a younger brother named BJ Carter. BJ follows in his brother’s footsteps and plays basketball. He was a famous basketball player at Richmond High School. Without a doubt, he learned key lessons from NBA icon Terry through mentorship based on a family bond and shared love of the game. But BJ’s extraordinary story extends beyond the basketball court. He took over hosting duties when Terry traveled to other locations for NBA games.

He learned to be a homemaker early, especially since his father was in prison for most of his childhood. He learned to take care of his sick younger sister while attending high school as a student athlete, which shows his courage and morals. Terry is full of praise and thanks for showing maturity and responsibility at such a young age.

Meet his sister Tre’Dasia Tucker

Tre’Dasia, his sister, has a story full of courage, bravery and fighting spirit. Her mother, Gina Tucker, was only 16 years old when she gave birth to her. She weighed just 2 pounds and 14 ounces at birth. She could not breathe on her own and had to be connected to monitors. As a result, doctors diagnosed her with cerebral palsy, a developmental condition that affects babies.

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Furthermore, they did not expect to survive more than two months. Fortunately, Tre’Dasia overcame all obstacles and won her battle with the disease. However, she will need further surgeries and care from family members during her growing years. As a teenager, Terry took on the role of his sister’s protector. He helped her after the operation by turning her over and dressing her. During family trips, dad often carried her on his shoulders.

In a candid interview, Terry mentioned that his sister served as an inspiration in his sporting endeavors. Without a doubt, his sister taught him about fighting spirit and a never-say-die mentality.

“I can’t imagine how she felt sometimes when she was in her room and couldn’t go out and be a normal child, but she inspired me with how she handled things.”

Terry Rozier

Tre’Dasia, on the other hand, has overcome obstacles and achieved more than many doctors expected. However, she wants to emphasize that her path was not easy.

“I would like to be in the company of people who have the same challenges as me and I want to be their motivator.”

She has a humanitarian mentality and wants to help other children who are going through similar difficulties as her.

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