‘Our family’s been ripped apart’ says mum of young person at centre of Huw Edwards scandal after BBC apology

The family at the center of the Huw Edwards scandal have spoken out about the nine-month wait for an apology from the BBC, saying it has “torn them apart”.

It comes after the corporation finally admitted that a complaint that their star presenter paid £35,000 to a young man who sent him explicit images was not dealt with quickly enough.


BBC apologizes to parents at center of Huw Edwards scandalCredit: Splash
Chief executive Tim Davie also ordered a review to 'assess how some complaints are damaging to the organisation'


Chief executive Tim Davie also ordered a review to ‘assess how some complaints are damaging to the organisation’Credit: PA

The BBC said it had apologized to the family for its failure to deal with their complaint, originally lodged last May.

However, the young person’s mother said: “We went through a lot of pain and it lasted almost a year which left me broken.

“If the BBC had handled the complaint correctly, we wouldn’t have had to go through this hell. We are broken up as a family.”

A damning 23-page independent report revealed the original complaint was not recorded – and only “escalated” to senior management when The Sun got in touch.

The family spoke to us after accusing the BBC of failing to take seriously concerns about one of its biggest stars.

Mom said that now they want to know if the suspended presenter of Vijesti u ten, 62, was properly investigated.


She told The Sun: “It’s a relief that this independent report backs up what we’ve been saying all along – the BBC just didn’t take this seriously. If nothing else, it highlights how important it is that we get answers, for everyone’s benefit.

“It’s black and white there — the BBC didn’t even record the complaint or follow up. This is a devastating admission. We can only hope that this will speed up the process towards the right conclusions that we need. We just want to move forward knowing that what we told the BBC was properly investigated, whatever that required.”

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Edwards, whose wife revealed he suffers from mental health problems, faces a separate internal investigation into whether he brought the organization into disrepute.

The boy’s stepfather, who made the original complaint, said: “It is right that they have admitted that their actions were wrong. Their apology also proves that I was right to be frustrated.”

BBC director general Tim Davie says they received ‘incredibly serious’ claims about the star but didn’t speak to him until the Sun called 7 WEEKS later

A report by auditors Deloitte said safeguards needed to be “strengthened” so complaints could be “escalated and managed” more effectively.

BBC Group Chief Operating Officer Leigh Tavaziva said: “The report identifies specific process flaws in the presenter’s case.

“The initial complaint in this case was not escalated quickly enough to senior management and we have apologized to the complainant for this.”

She added: “We are delivering an action plan with a number of improvements already in place.”

Radio veteran Adam Boulton said last night: “The apology vindicates The Sun. The Sun has not identified the people involved, although everyone wishes them well.”

Our story last July 7 came after a complaint was lodged against Edwards at the BBC building on May 18 last year.

The family was referred to the BBC’s viewing team who sent the case to their corporate investigations team.

Apology vindicates The Sun

Veteran broadcaster Adam Boulton

However, yesterday’s report detailed how this was not flagged to senior managers. It also said there was “insufficient” documentation of attempts to contact the family.

It reveals: “The case was not recorded in the existing case management system, meaning there was no opportunity for wider visibility of the case within the BBC.”

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Former BBC news editor Craig Oliver said: “Senior managers were asking: ‘How can such a serious complaint be made against Huw Edwards, one of our biggest names, and no red flags raised?’ The corporation knows it has to be much faster.”

The report included recommendations for future complaints, such as “better use of technology.”

Our bombshell story did not name Edwards, who was taken off the air and suspended three days later.

The family at the center of the Huw Edwards scandal have spoken out over the nine-month wait for an apology from the BBC, saying it has left them 'devastated'


The family at the center of the Huw Edwards scandal have spoken out over the nine-month wait for an apology from the BBC, saying it has left them ‘devastated’

A BBC investigation has been launched against their presenter who announced the death of Queen Elizabeth and reported on the coronation of the king.

Chief executive Tim Davie also ordered a review to “assess how some complaints have negatively impacted the organisation”.

Amid the fallout, Edwards’ wife Vicky Flind has named the father-of-five as involved – as new claims have been revealed by the BBC.

She also announced that he is being treated in hospital for mental problems.


The report also highlighted how some staff admitted they would be nervous about making a complaint to the BBC – particularly about a high-profile figure.

It said: “These employees said they had a lower level of confidence in how robustly a complaint would be handled if it was a complaint about another member of staff or talent.”

It is assumed that the young man insisted that nothing “illegal” or “inappropriate” happened with the presenter.

In a letter sent to MPs last summer, The Sun’s editor-in-chief Victoria Newton said: “Parents sought resolution by appealing to the BBC.

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“No action was taken in response to their complaint and they contacted The Sun.”

We have provided the BBC’s Corporate Investigations Team with text, social media messages and images to support our story.

Edwards has been suspended on full pay of £435,000 a year since the investigation began.

Asked about the separate investigation, the BBC said yesterday it would not discuss “matters relating to this case”.

Edwards did not comment.


BBC apology vindicates parents who complained about Huw Edwards. And this is also confirmed by The Sun.

It was a desperate couple who approached us with hard evidence that the star was paying large sums of money to a vulnerable young person and receiving explicit images.

All they wanted was for Edwards’ payments to stop – but they made no move with the BBC, which failed to act on their detailed complaint.

The corporation has rightly apologized for the utter failure of that process. Kudos to boss Tim Davie for that.

This is a day of regret from the BBC. And confirmation that our original story was firmly in the public interest.

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