Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK (Unlimited money, fuel, rewards) 3.7.1

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1. Earn rewards for free ads. 2. Driver skins can be purchased without charge, just select the driver you want to use and click to rent it. 3. Buses can be purchased without charge. After clicking buy successfully, you can switch to the garage to use. Note: Functions 2 and 3 above will be reversed after entering the game for the second time and can only be purchased and used each time you enter the game.


A space about the street world of Indonesia with wide corridors. In the game Bus Simulator Indonesia you will experience a special traffic space. When the player controls a character and becomes a bus driver. is a bus simulation game on Android operating system. Bus Simulator Indonesia is a game with many new features. Besides, the Indonesian street space is very authentic. The game was released in early 2017 and has been in the hands of gamers ever since. Bus Simulator attracts a large number of people to play and download games? So have you downloaded this game yet?

Bus Simulator Indonesia is published by the game production company Maleo. Especially the game capacity is quite light even for phones with low configuration requirements. However, the game currently only supports players with the Android operating system. Applicable to mobile phone users with operating systems other than Android. Please download the Android emulator to play this game. Join the transportation fun of Indonesian cities. By downloading the game Bus Simulator Indonesia that we provide in the article below.

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Download Game Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK – Become a great bus driver

An interesting traffic space of Indonesia will appear before your eyes. In the game Bus Simulator Indonesia, you will be able to drive your own car through many streets. Use your driving skills to control this colorful bus. It is the player’s responsibility to get the customer to the requested location on time. As the player completes each journey, you will be unlocked to enter another journey. In addition, participants will be able to choose new buses with more features. Coming to Bus Simulator Indonesia, you will experience many emotions during your journey. Similarly, you can try to drive a truck in Grand Truck Simulator 2 or become a hard worker in Taxi Sim 2020.

game request

Gamers participate in controlling their buses in a journey through the streets of Indonesia. You will have to use functions such as opening the door, turning on the turn signal, turning on the headlights … to cross many streets at the specified stops. You will sit in your own vehicle to pick up and drop off passengers. Players need to use their driving ability flexibly and carefully. For roads that need to be accelerated, use your strength to control the steering wheel. At the end of the journey, you will transform and upgrade your beloved car.

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download indonesia bus simulator

Tasks when participating in Bus Simulator Indonesia

Coming to Bus Simulator Indonesia, you just need to complete your journey. However, before coming to each journey, the system will provide you with a guide map. The player must follow the map to stay on the right path. The more levels a player wins, the harder the next challenges become. This is the attraction that Bus Simulator Indonesia wants gamers to jump in and conquer. Also, before starting the exciting journey of Bus Simulator Indonesia. Players must create their own account to join the game. So you can jump in and experience the full functionality of the game.

graphics, sound

The game is designed to be intuitive and easy when gamers perform these functions. What follows is an image with high quality 3D graphics. The game in full screen mode is sharper and the shooting angle is more realistic. In addition, in Bus Simulator Indonesia, your name is also on the leaderboard. If the player successfully completes the task in the fastest time. All data is saved online and updated regularly. As we mentioned in the introduction to this article about the game. Bus Simulator Indonesia has a capacity of only 300MB. So if your phone still has free memory. Quickly download and install the game on your mobile phone.

Indonesian bus simulator APK

Especially if you love beautiful cities in Indonesia. Bus Simulator Indonesia will be a game for you to explore and experience the city. Especially, the traffic space experience is lively, intuitive and extremely interesting. Don’t forget, grab your mobile and play with it by downloading Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK for free today.

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Download Bus Simulator Indonesia MOD APK for Android (Unlimited money, fuel, rewards)

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