Sicario 3 Updates: Release Date Info & Cast

border assassin 3 First confirmed in 2018, after a few years of radio silence, new reports indicate production is imminent. The great Denis Villeneuve is directing the first part assassin (meaning “assassin” in Spanish), the film follows FBI agent Kate Mercer (Emily Blunt) who joins a mysterious task force run by a hardened CIA agent (Josh Brolin). Before she can blink, things don’t go as expected and her team’s tactics look questionable as Kate becomes embroiled in a deadly fight with a Mexican gang. assassin 2015 was praised for its actors’ performances, breathtaking atmosphere, and excellent direction by Villeneuve.

Despite being highly regarded and commercially successful, little is known about assassin This seems to suggest that franchising is possible. The next part, however, Sicario: Soldier’s Day, Released in 2018. Screenwriter Taylor Sheridan chose not to return Blunt’s character Kate, instead focusing the story on Brolin’s Matt and Benicio del Toro’s return of assassin Alejandro. In the sequel, things quickly spiral out of control and Alejandro leaves to protect Isabel, the youngest daughter of the man who ordered the murder of his own family. Soldado Day Receiving generally positive reviews and critical acclaim for its intense action sequences, Blunt’s absence feels heavy and the film’s story is often seen as less exciting than the original.

Although considered by many to be downgraded, notice Sicario: Soldier’s Day There will be another sequel. The team behind the third installment has been silent for years with no confirmed information about it, but recent reports from the production studio Black Label Media say they’re back. Here’s what we know.

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before posting Sicario: Soldier’s Day In June 2018, presenter Trent Luckinbill confirmed border assassin 3 Definitely a work in progress. This story can start from border killer 2 The final part, sees Alejandro survive being shot by young gang member Miguel, who is forced to shoot him. The final scene takes place a year later, with the restored Alejandro seemingly recruiting Miguel as a potential apprentice in the sequel. The sequel also has to deal with the career failure Matt faces when a rare expression of emotion causes him to disobey orders and rescues Isabel under strict orders from his superiors.

In February 2021, Black Label founder Molly Smith confirmed duration That thing border assassin 3 Still in production, slated for a late 2021 or early 2022 release. The film also has an official title: Sicario: Capo, roughly translated as “boss” in English. That suggests the new movie could let Matt and Alejandro take on the toughest drug lord they’ve ever met.

Sicario 3 Cast Returns

Benicio Del Toro and Josh Brolin in Sicario 2

The official cast has not been confirmed yet Sicario: Capo at this point, but Smith said duration Black Label has always intended to return del Toro to the star. Josh Brolin and supporting actor Jeffrey Donovan also seem likely to return for a third film, but that has yet to be confirmed. border killer 2It seems like Emily Blunt’s Kate is also a must-have character in the trilogy, and exploring how she evolved after the traumatic events of the original film could be a good foundation for a film. new. blunt back assassinbut her unusually busy filming schedule these days could make revenge difficult.

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Sicario 3 release date

Emily Blunt in Sicario

As of now, there is no official release date Sicario: Capo. However, if Black Label’s hopes of starting production in late 2021/early 2022 come to fruition, that could mean border assassin 3 As early as the end of 2022. under review Sicario: Soldier’s Day Given the mixed response, more expensive production, and less box office receipts, the studio may be taking cautious steps to prepare for a sequel. Maybe if Emily Blunt re-signs, interest in the new movie will be revived. Currently, however, many argue that border assassin 3 Still not clear.

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