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1. Unlock jobs2.unlock phone

The fact has been made clear that sometimes beauty comes with inevitable misfortunes and misfortunes. In a certain world there are cursed charming anime boys. They are victims of wild black magic. No excuses, no compassion. The unlucky male god turned into a strange beast. Full of energy and enthusiasm, they laugh at themselves in their teens for their looks. The 12 eagles cannot free themselves. They need you and are waiting for your help. Especially the dark spells, which can only be neutralized most naturally by love. Find them and break through the darkness that torments them.

The rules and gameplay in Blush Blush are very simple. Games can be booked in just a few clicks. Need to arrange a reasonable time for our male god. Do more jobs, earn more money, increase stats and destroy hawks. Do your best to restore them to their original state. What’s even more interesting is how to make them fall in love with you too. This is the main quest in Blush Blush. This interesting story can uncover your hidden love interest.

Download Blush Blush mod – Dating a God

Indeed, Blush Blush is the only place where you can date multiple guys at once. For those with at least 50 likes, you are free to chat with them. There is a unique formula for determining which portraits these people like best. The statistics section publishes the specific numbers of each guy. This information can be related to date of birth, age, interests … use them to choose the right gift for each person. Thus, the affection of anime boys towards you will increase. This feature is unlocked when the guy is in Friend or Enemy status. Keep dating and your time will be limited each day. This is a must.

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work hard

Of course, you have to work to get money for gifts or dates. Doing different jobs in the Jobs tab gives you the only source of money that you can use in Blush Blush. This game offers great job opportunities. We have tailors, musicians, bakers, maids, doctors, bartenders, teachers, hosts, writers, mechanics, politicians, pharmacists, salesmen , florist, crypto miner, fundraiser, farmer, etc. Although initially only available as a tailor, you can unlock other jobs by completing skills that they request. Alternatively, you can increase your salary by doing the same job over and over again.

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stimulate interest

Pursuing a hobby can do you a lot of good. First, unlock achievements. Second, open the job. Third, open and handsome. Fourth is the requirement in the relationship. Anime boys like girls of different professions. For example, Nimh loves musicians, bakers, and hosts. The public loves maids. Colby Cole gives a lot of attention to the nurses and maids. Therefore, work is also an item that helps you improve your relationship with the characters. To unlock all options, you can befriend Anon, best friend with Garret, lover with Dmitri or boyfriend with William.

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increase data

The statistics page is on the 4th tab on the screen. These are not statistics about men, but a summary of statistics that are relevant to you. In the avatar section, you can customize it as you like. For example, transform into the girl the hawks are looking for. Try to choose the right dating outfit because every anime boy has his own taste. You can change the hairstyle, hat, glasses or accessories that come with it. As for the numbers, they tell you something related to your achievements. Topics include how much you’ve earned, how many people you’ve met, your hearts, and how many gifts or dates you’ve given.

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Blush Blush Apk Free

Blush Blush is based on the main storyline called Chinese Zodiac. However, there are game-friendly alternatives. Except for the Twelve Eagles, the other boys are not directly involved in the plot. They can be unlocked by purchasing them in the store or participating in events. Is a game with dozens of guys like Blush Blush enough to appeal to you? Will there be more opportunities in the future to attract a large number of handsome men and excellent dating plans? Join the Blush Blush mod and turn yourself into a great digger!

Download Blush Blush MOD APK for Android (Unlocked)

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