Bonbon Cakery MOD APK (Unlimited money, medals) 2.2.1

Players love to cook, how many people know this new and interesting game? Create your own play style with new ways to play. The game called Bonbon Cakery will show players something new about cooking. With that comes the awesomeness of producing results after as long as you’ve tried it. Experience the world of Bonbon Cakery for yourself.

So glad you chose Bonbon Cakery for your new experience. Show your cooking skills to everyone. Create great success in your own business. It is always helpful when you first go to a large bakery next to this busy street. There are many new things waiting for you here. Now you’ll get a glimpse of some of the work in progress in Bonbon Cakery’s kitchen.

Download Bonbon Cakery mod – Top Cake Techniques

Bonbon isn’t just a cooking game, it’s where you manage everything. From setting up stalls, managing time, entering the food warehouse… Players seem to be immersed in the game itself. No longer simply making delicious cakes, management is also in your hands. It may seem a bit difficult, but that’s what sets Bonbon Cakery apart from other simple cooking games.

The store will be named after the player’s wishes. Just thought of a funny name. Because maybe in the future you will raise the name of this store to the top of the market. Here, your main job is to make the cake, not follow the available recipe. Here you are the creator of your own recipes.

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Bonbon Cakery Mod Mod

Many attractive baking contests

How would you feel if your cake recipe turned into a delicious cream cake, then scored by other chefs? This is the coolest thing about Bonbon Cakery. The judges will enjoy your cooking. They will then give the most relevant score and give a positive rating. Don’t feel bad if your cake doesn’t convince the judges. Try harder next time. They are the ones who will help you a lot by telling you what you need for a delicious cake. You must choose to coordinate well with your assistant, and the dish will be perfect in no time.

Bonbon Cakery Mod Free

make a new cake

Make delicious new cakes. Instead of making dishes according to pre-made recipes, you can make cakes according to your own creative choice. This is the main theme of the game. Everything will be provided in the kitchen. Find cutlery, a nice plate, a baking sponge, and some whipped cream. Then add other ingredients and decorate to your liking. If you lack creativity, ask your guests what kind of cake they like and make your own. Simple and clear, you will create more beautiful and delicious cake masterpieces.

Bang Bang Cake Shop mod apk

Caring about customer needs

Pastries will occasionally launch more delicacies according to the weather and rose season. It shouldn’t be just one type of cake for too long. It is better to replace them regularly for better returns. The popularity of your bakery will increase profits. As well as help level up to get more new recipe ingredients. Alternatively, have a truck or mobile shop that can sell more wheels in many locations. It is very convenient and quick to make your cake known and enjoyed by many people.

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Bonbon Cake mod apk for free

Dedicated and skilled staff

To increase your store’s productivity, you can hire new employees. Depending on how much money you have, you can pay your employees the best way. Each employee will have their own skills suitable for each cake. They will tell you that this cake needs more sweetness. Add fruit or add elegance to a cake. Baking is fun, but everyone’s input is needed. While you might get some steps wrong, you can always get creative with Bonbon Cakery.

Free confectionery

It can be said that Bonbon Cakery game is quite new compared to most other cooking games. Everything will be in your operating system. Try to create a bakery whose name is associated with the sweetest delicious cakes. Be more open to people competing to buy what you make. Try Bonbon Cakery now, you will never be disappointed when it comes to baking. Show off all your baking skills with the Bonbon Cakery mod.

Download Bonbon Cakery MOD APK (Unlimited Money, Medals) for Android

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