Love Is Blind: Inside Brennon Lemieux’s Alleged Assault Allegation

Love is blind Brennon Lemieux star faces backlash over sexual assault allegations. Netflix recently wrapped up the third season of its popular reality series, and the cast has been through a lot since then. The show is over but Love is blind The actors have yet to leave any chance to shock the audience, and a series of controversies is approaching. While fans are still saddened by the recent news that SK Alagbada cheated on Raven Ross, the most surprising thing is that Brennon was involved in domestic violence.

Brennon shares a real connection with Alexa Alfia Love is blindThe couple was like heaven and had feelings from the beginning of the movie. Fans even suggested that Brennon and Alexa Love is blind pioneer. They are one of the most problem-free couples on the show. After small ups and downs, Brennan and Alexa convince each other’s families and get married in the final episode Love is blind. Fans believe the couple has found “his”live happily ever after‘, Little did they know that domestic violence rumors about Brunnon would emerge.

What are the details of Love Is Blind star Brennon’s alleged assault?

Recently, a Redditor with the username u/punkcowgirl shared a post with a police report attached as evidence of Brennon’s involvement in domestic violence. The police report is a factual government document showing that Brunnon was charged with domestic violence in January 2021, before he began working for Love is blind. The report further describes the incident, saying that Brunnon asked the complainant to leave after they argued over several drinks. When the woman refused Brennon’s request not to leave while she was drinking, he grabbed the woman’s hand and threw her against the wall, knocking her unconscious and injuring her.

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Why do viewers start accusing Brunnon Case Love of blind producers

Brunnon’s domestic violence report is real and the woman claims to have suffered bruises and concussions. According to NavigationResponding to the alleged assault charges, Brunnon said the reports were untrue and the grand jury found that.”No invoice / no claim confirmationThe confusion surrounding Brunnon’s domestic violence rumors persisted, and viewers weren’t happy about it. Fans started lashing out Love is blind The producers did not conduct a thorough background check before selecting the contestants.

Brennon’s incident opened the eyes of viewers and producers Love is blindThe latest scandal may be one of the most shocking in the history of the Netflix series. From the viewer’s point of view, Love is blind Season 3 has the most troubled cast. Fans just hope the producer does more research before selecting contestants for future reality show trials.

Source: u/punkcowgirl/Redit, The Tab

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