How to Get to the Upper Yard in Grounded

Upper Yard is a multi-zone area Grounding It occupies the northern part of the map and is home to a variety of tough creatures, including late game bosses. At the start of the adventure, the player will spend time in the lower areas of the backyard, especially around the meadows and koi ponds. Grounding. While this side of the courtyard is rich in resources and provides some relatively safe places to call home, adventurers will eventually need to find higher-level resources to craft their equipment and machines. Surname.

Such an advanced resource Grounding Can only be found in the House of Lords, including items needed to upgrade tools or weapons into more powerful gear. More powerful tools are essential to breaking certain materials, and having more powerful weapons will help players take down the fearsome beasts that roam the grasslands, haze, sandboxes, and tables. eat outdoors. So know how to get to Upper Yard Grounding Necessary for gameplay and story.

There are several ways to get to Upper Yard Grounding. The standard path includes passing the Upper Yard Ascent landmark near the west steps of the koi pond. Except for random insects Grounding While roaming the area, the main obstacle the adventurer must overcome is a rock that can be destroyed with explosives like Bratburst. This item requires the player to collect Red Ant Parts and Mushroom Growth, an ingredient obtained from infected insects.

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The path to the Upper Court is the easiest route for most players to get to the Upper Court GroundingHowever, those looking for a quick but dangerous shortcut can take an unnamed tunnel to the west of Upper Yard Ascent. According to Youtuber Jadeplayers will need to fully equip level 2 gear, as the underground paths are full of ladybug larvae. There are plenty of resources to get along this path, but the player must be prepared to battle the insects. Groundingwait for them in the dark.

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Another way to get to Upper Yard Grounding is through the platform. One way to achieve this feat is to climb randomly generated blades of grass that are conveniently positioned leading to the stones in the garden separating the top and bottom map. However, this method is not safe as the player may encounter deadly insects while searching for the perfectly placed vegetal slopes. Alternatively, build a system of stairs or platforms leading to the upper courtyard Grounding is also possible, but be aware that this method will be time and resource intensive.

Source: YouTube/JadeCraft

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