Ahsoka Episode 3 May Have Debunked Big Marrok Identity Theories

Warning: Contains spoilers for Ahsoka Episode 3.


  • The end credits of Ahsoka Episode 3 reveal that Paul Darnell, who plays Marok, is not only performing stunts but also voicing the character.
  • The reveal could debunk theories about Marloch’s true identity on the show, including speculation about Ezra Bridger or Galen Malek.
  • New information has poured cold water on some of the big theories surrounding The Inquisitor, revealing a potential twist in the storyline.

Who Marrok is is one of the decisive questions Ahsoka,but star wars The show may have debunked some important theories about the Inquisitor.since the inquisitor was revealed AhsokaIn the trailer, there are major questions and theories about Marok’s true identity. It’s inevitable when there’s such a mysterious masked character, especially when they’re wielding a red lightsaber and set as the main villain.

Theories as to who Malok really is vary, ranging from those closely tied to the show’s narrative (like Ezra Bridger), to wilder predictions like Galen Malek (aka Killer star), star wars legendary video game The Force Unleashed.Obviously this will be a long running thread, perhaps with a huge payoff towards the end AhsokaThere are eight episodes in total.However, a new news has been revealed AhsokaThe cast of the third episode may throw cold water on some of the speculation.

Ahsoka Episode 3 Producers Confirm Paul Darnell as Marok’s Actor, Possibly Debunking Inquisitor Theory

Just like the two episode premieres, Ahsoka The credits for episode three feature Paul Darnell as Marrok, but with one key difference. In the second episode, Darnell is listed as performing stunts for Marok. In Episode 3, Darnell is listed as the “Main Character” and appears higher up in the credits with the guest star, suggesting that he’s not only performing the stunts but also voicing him. Marok’s character doesn’t expand significantly in episode three, the biggest difference being that he can talk, so it’s reasonable to assume Darnell is pulling double duty.

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If this is the case, it may debunk some theories about Marrok. The idea of ​​him becoming Starkiller gained more attention thanks to the fact that actor Sam Witwer, who voiced him in the game, also appeared in Starkiller. AhsokaWork as an additional voice actor (role not confirmed). Witwer is listed again Ahsoka The third episode, but the way Darnell became famous strongly suggests he didn’t voice Marok. Based on this, it’s less likely — though not impossible — that Malok would become Starkiller.

Who is Ahsoka’s Marrok actor Paul Darnell?

Nightwind Assassin from The Book of Boba Fett

Paul Darnell isn’t exactly a household name, but it does make sense for the man who plays Marok Ahsoka – At least when the character is wearing a mask.Darnell is an experienced and talented stunt performer whose credits include jurassic world arrive matrix resurrection.exist star warsDarnell is Timothy Olyphant’s stunt double for Cobb Vanth mandalorian Season 2, in which he plays an assassin boba fetter book.

Why Marok’s theory still holds true in Ahsoka

Inquisitor Malok of Ahsoka

Of course, just because Darnell plays Malok in Ahsoka doesn’t 100% rule out all theories about him, even if it does seem to confirm that Witwer has no connection to the character and reduces the possibility that it’s Starkiller possibility. Because Marloch wears a mask, it does allow another actor to take on the role if it ends up being removed. Also, Marlok’s voice is clearly modulated by the helmet, which means that the change in voice has an explanation as well.

Given the level of mystery and speculation surrounding the character, it would be surprising that Marlok would be a nobody at this stage, as it does feel like Ahsoka is setting up a big twist. There’s an argument that making Marloch be, well, just Marloch is a strong twist in itself, with Darnell playing the character throughout, but whether that’s something Star Wars will promise remains to be seen. Either way, despite Ahsoka’s third episode credits, the Marok theory will still be around for a long time.

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Ahsoka New episodes release on Disney+ Tuesdays at 6pm PT/9pm ET.

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