Viral brain teaser: Can you find the horse with three legs?

The perplexing puzzle that captivated viewers, prompting them to stare intently at their screens for the answer, revolves around the quest to locate a three-legged horse. Since this post was shared, it confused people.

This puzzle has confused many. (Instagram/@mathscine)

The post was shared on Instagram @mathscine. The picture shows several horses, and the challenge is to find the horse with three legs. Are you ready to take on this challenge? (Also Read: Only Geniuses Can Solve This Math Puzzle. Are You One Of Them?)

This post was shared just a day ago. Since it was published, it has been viewed more than one million times. Several took to the comments section of the post to share their responses. Many have said that there are more than three-legged horses.

The individual wrote: “In the sixth row from top to bottom in the fourth picture from left to right, it shows a horse with three legs.” Another added, “There are four horses with three legs.” “Nine without legs and two without tails,” announced a third. A fourth commented, “There are five horses with three legs.” The fifth said, “This was too easy!”

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