Grounded: How to Unlock the Melted Moat Chest

All treasures and resources available in the scaled down survival game groundingThe Melted Moat Chest is perhaps the best tool for repelling the countless insects that plague players throughout their adventures in the sprawling backyard. The Melted Moat Key is located near the dangerous sandbox area, buried in the sand in an oddly specific location.After the latest addition to the game, players may have difficulty locating groundingExit early access.

Sandbox biomes present players with incredible adversity, with deadly antlion insects taking over most areas. While the Antlions provide resources to craft powerful armor if the player defeats them, the main item needed in the sandbox comes from the Black Ant Shovel. The Black Ant Shovel is an upgraded version of the regular Acorn Shovel that requires 4 Black Ant parts to build and allows players to dig for rarer buried treasure in the sandbox.

Another factor for players to consider when exploring a sandbox comes from the environment and how it negatively interacts with the player. Special conditions apply to daytime players in the sandbox, groundingof the Hiss debuff, gradually slowing movement speed before completely killing the survivor. The aforementioned Antlion armor can reduce the buildup of hiss, but a surefire way to avoid this malevolent effect is to seek out the Melted Moat Key at sunset or at night.

Unlock the melted moat chest in Grounded

Players can find the Melting Moat Key near the yellow shovel shadow in the upper right corner of the sandbox, and then find the Melting Moat Chest in the water surrounding the castle. At around 15:30 on the game clock, the yellow shovel casts a heavy shadow, with a hole near the top indicating the location of the key for buried treasure.Once the player is informed of the existence of buried treasure, such as sunken bones groundingthe Melted Moat Key becomes usable after four digging attempts with a level 2 shovel at the shaded location.

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In the southwest corner of the sandbox, there is a castle and its surrounding moat, and there is a melted moat treasure chest under the water. Treasure chests are less dangerous to find than keys, and players only need to swim a short amount of time in the water to find them and then unlock them. During bright hours, the water protects the player from hissing, so if their adventure to retrieve the key is filled with antlion clashes, the base location will be attacked by antlions. groundingEnemies are not necessarily an unfavorable idea.

The Melted Moat Chest contains a Water Soaked Recipe and Milk Mortar which, once opened, reveals a set of tools needed to build the Salt Morningstar Weapon.The Salt Morning Star happens to be one of the more powerful weapons grounding A level 3 tool must be provided to protect players from native antlions or even more aggressive enemies such as tarantulas. Players need to collect 5 Gum Blocks, 2 Salt Balls, and 10 Tough Goo on the workbench to craft this weapon. It’s certainly worth the adventure, and players who unlock the Melting Moat Treasure Chest will even be able to challenge more difficult bosses, such as the Orchid Mantis in Orchid Mantis. groundingusing treasure found from this humble container.

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