7 Major Super Mario Characters Still Missing From The Trailers

Some of the main characters from the Mario video game do not appear in the trailer The movie Super Mario Bros. Marketing for the upcoming Mario and Luigi animated film has been confirmed to include multiple Nintendo icons. In fact, it even boasts that the characters will appear Donkey Kong Franchising.

but of course, movie super mario bros will focus most of the attention on the main character’s world. As the trailer suggests, the film will feature many characters and monsters related to Mario and Luigi’s story. In addition to obvious choices like Bowser, Princess Peach and Toad, super mario brothers Kamek and many other evil Koopa King minions will also be introduced. However, there are still many characters that have not been shown. Some may have an undisclosed role in the story, while others, unfortunately, may be completely ignored. Here are the seven main characters super mario still missing characters The movie Super Mario Bros.

7 lakitu

Since its debut in 1985 super mario brothersLakitu has appeared in dozens of video games. Most impressive is the glasses-wearing Cloudrider Cooper who handles the countdown during the race Mario Kart Franchise, Lakitu is mario The universe and characters have many uses. A special variant of this Koopa has been used as an obstacle and a referee in Mario’s adventures. He doesn’t just manage the game Mario Kartbut he also organizes sports events in spin-offs like tennis mario, mario golfand many more.Follow Lakitu in mario game, it would be surprising if he didn’t get one movie super mario bros Cameo at least.

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6 Green Yoshi

Video game Yoshi's Cookie Rare

second intro movie super mario bros Confirmed that Yoshis will be present in the scene depicting a group of Yoshis. That’s to be expected, as the friendly fruit-eating dinosaur is Mario’s riding companion and the protagonist of another series of video games. What’s cool about this particular shot in the trailer is that it comes in multiple Yoshi colors, but no green version. The green ones are almost all default Yoshi mario The most iconic incarnation of the game and the character.

hard to imagine movie super mario brosGreen Yoshi was not used, which is why his character was most likely purposefully concealed. Since he’s largely seen as his own character, it makes sense for the film to separate the character of Green from the rest and let him take on the role of Yoshi Mario in his quest to defeat Bowser.

5 warriors

nintendo warriors

Mario’s troublesome partner in Nintendo games, Wario is a frequent fan favorite and Mario’s third brother. Originally, he was used as a villain super mario land game, but was later turned into an anti-hero when he got his own video game series. He eventually became a regular in the Mario spin-off series mario party And Mario Kart. But while his role has changed, his insidious nature has not. Wario is still famous for being greedy and willing to use cowardly acts to get what he wants.

How important is Wario to Mario’s world, there may be no place for him movie super mario bros story, especially if Bowser is the only true villain. However, that doesn’t mean he won’t appear alongside Chris Pratt’s Mario. If he doesn’t appear in the movie, he can be saved for later use and appear as a villain in the sequel. Alternatively, Wario can play a cameo in the end credits.

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4 Varuji

waluigi sad why

Unlike Wario, Waluigi isn’t at the top of his own game, but he’s still an important character in the game. mario Universe, and of course who will be considered as guest contenders. Similar to how Wario acts as Mario’s villainous partner, Varrugi is designed to play a similar role to Luigi. Waluigi is often paired with Wario, sharing his brother’s morally questionable traits. Due to their history as a duo, there’s a chance if one is above movie super mario bros, the rest will not fall behind. Certain events in the film may cause Wario and Luigi to travel from Mario and Luigi’s world to the Mushroom Kingdom, where they can live permanently.

3 chrysanthemum princesses

Daisy spreads her arms in the background of Mario Golf Super Rush

In the video game, Luigi has a love of her own in the form of Daisy. Like Princess Peach, Daisy is a princess and a playable character with multiple roles mario game. For years, Nintendo distinguished Daisy from Peach by describing Daisy as a tomboy. She comes from a far away kingdom called Sarasaland, this is the main setting of the game Super Mario Land.

Because Daisy doesn’t live near the Mushroom Kingdom, movie super mario bros It’s easy to avoid her, but the story presents the movie in a way that simply includes her. According to the trailer, Bowser is a threat to several kingdoms. For this reason, Peach or other characters can contact Sarasaland. If Daisy’s kingdom was in danger of being invaded by Bowser’s army, getting her involved was a logical move.

2 Bowser Jr.

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As the name suggests, Bowser Jr. is Bowser’s son and a villain with ambitions of conquest. Not to be confused with Baby Bowser, Bowser Jr. mario universe. To earn his father’s respect, Bowser Jr. voluntarily participated in many of Bowser’s plots. In some cases, it was Bowser Jr. who actually kidnapped Princess Peach, not Bowser himself. Since he tends to act as Bowser’s main henchman, he’s usually the final boss Mario must overcome before confronting his main villain. So far, Bowser Jr. mario However, the franchise makes him a perfect fit for this story. As for the reason for his absence, it may have been a plan to get Bowser’s attention before introducing his son.

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1 Rosalina

Super Mario Galaxy Luma Rosalina

Rosalina first joined Mario’s world when the game got its cosmic twist in 2007 super mario galaxyRosalina is introduced as a graceful, mother-like character to a star-shaped creature named Lumas, who served as Mario’s guide on his space adventures and has since been featured in the series. status of the series. Due to her deep connection to outer space, Rosalina was initially unexpected movie super mario brosbut some details make her relevant.

mentioned”Galaxy“in the second mario The trailer led to the theory that the film would travel to outer space and star Rosalina. Also, merchandise for the film hinting at one of the Lumas appears. From this evidence, it looks like Rosalina is hiding inside. movie super mario bros as a secret character.

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