Mario Kart 8 Deluxe: How to Unlock Birdo

Birdo has long been a fan favorite racer and now players can unlock it in it Luxury Mario Kart 8 As part of a new wave of DLC for the game. With eight new tracks sure to make racing between players even more exciting, Birdo brings back memories of their time in the game world. Mario Kart WiiBirdo, a notoriously hard-to-unlock racer that requires players to play close to 1,400 races, seems to be a more accessible character this time around.

Players can purchase the Wave 4 DLC as Luxury Mario Kart 8 Booster Pass. This DLC includes not only Birdo as an additional racer, but also Mortal Kombat Premium Edition 8Booster Course Wave 4, featuring many classics from previous entries in the series. While there is no official release date for when Wave 4 content will be released, Nintendo has mentioned that it will arrive in the spring of 2023.

Get Birdo in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe

While purchasing Wave 4 with the Booster Pass, the player must also have a Nintendo Online subscription to access the online store where this DLC can be found. Players who have received the first three waves of new content should get used to it. Some of the notable highlights of this Special Season are not limited to Birdo, as players will have the opportunity to travel across a new track called Yoshi’s Island Luxury Mario Kart 8which contains many callbacks to characters and locations from the spin-off game Green Dinosaur.

At the time of this writing, it’s still unclear if players will need to do anything but download the DLC to use Birdo or if they’ll have to complete an in-game challenge before using vehicle.exist Mario Kart WiiIn Birdo’s final appearance, players must defeat 250 players in online matches, play the Time Trail on 16 tracks, or play a total of 1,350 races to get Birdo on their roster.

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It’s certain that players will have to live with such a prerequisite this time around, especially with five open slots remaining on the driver selection screen, which means more racers to come. chasing Birdo.

With upcoming racers and free updates Luxury Mario Kart 8, it seems that since its release in 2014, the game will get more support. Birdo offers nearly half a dozen alternative colors for players to choose from, giving riders a good degree of customization to explore. Ambitious riders looking to master the new track will definitely want to see Birdo in action, unlocking a recognizable character Luxury Mario Kart 8.

Source: YouTube/Nintendo of America

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