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If watching movies based on different reviews around the world will help, then Moviebase is the most suitable application. Most of the movie watching applications on the market only provide movies for us to enjoy. But how do you know it’s a good movie and worth your time? This used to be a conundrum with limited solutions. A movie is only judged as good or bad by how you fully enjoy it. But now we have another way. It is based on user and expert reviews. Moviebase was the first to be pioneered.

With many hit movies and blockbusters around the world. There are no restrictions on countries or genres that you can watch freely. What sets Moviebase apart from other apps is user reviews. Before watching a movie, you will see audience reviews. The number of points it receives will be proportional to whether the movie is funny or not. Not just ideas, but detailed reviews. Maybe that’s enough to make you decide whether to watch this movie or not. Another important thing is that it depends on your movie taste.

Download Moviebase mod – Review and discuss movies before watching

Perhaps no app cares as much about top user reviews as Moviebase. Instead, the system will be based on the highest rated movie in the app. They will then be blacked out on the interface for you to see immediately. You can choose and enjoy these movies and watch them. If not, find a movie you like, regardless of rating. All in all, Moviebase’s goal is to make movies stand out from other movies. This is very important if the movie deserves good quality. Finding your favorite movies is easy with just a little information about the director, actors, and flexible themes.

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Movie base mod apk

movie ratings

The first thing you want to access is the leaderboard in Moviebase. Because this is where the most famous and appreciated movies gather. Blockbuster movies with huge revenue are no exception. Many works appearing at the same time here have been highly appreciated by experts. You can filter this ranking based on keywords, actors, directors, genres, duration, etc. and find many suitable movies to watch on many different occasions. However, not every film that is criticized is not worth watching. If you like them, try them out.

Moviebase mod apk for free

Create a favorites list

Once you’ve collected your favorite movies to watch later, you’ll want to keep them in place so you don’t have to find them again. Moviebase gives you a list of your favorite movies for you to add. It works like a favorite playlist in a music app. You need to bookmark the movie and add it to the list. They will be moved there immediately, in the correct additional chronological order. You should also categorize movies according to different lists. Don’t forget to set notifications so you can check when you don’t know what to do.

Moviebase mod for free

New version

The number of movies will increase gradually over time. It’s only natural because there are so many filmmakers in the world. This way you don’t have to worry about running out of movies for a while. Set up notifications for upcoming movies and broadcasts on Moviebase. When the release date comes, it will notify you and give you a chance to enjoy right away. Especially the type you like will be announced first. So you have more great movies on your list.

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free movie library

Follow and review many user reviews around the world before watching a movie. Create playlists of your favorite movies and enjoy them with everyone. Get the latest notifications for upcoming movies in the market. Moviebase mod is the most comfortable and professional place for movie lovers.

Download Moviebase MOD APK for Android (Premium Unlocked)

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